Barely Alive


5. Chris' story

Cross took the young boy Chris to the station with new insight. Chris was the victim's twin-brother. Chris was very silent on the way. Cross didn't blame him though. He just found out his brother was dead.


They're sitting across each other in a small room with a table, two chairs and a large two-way-mirror on the wall.

"Tell me about your fight." Cross puts his arms on the table and looks at Chris. Chris takes a deep breath, before he answers. It seemed to be difficult for him to talk about.

"It happened yesterday morning. We were at my place. I'm not sure how it started, I just knew he was getting in trouble. I confronted him, but he refused to talk about it. We started yelling. I was pissed that after all I did to help him, he still refused. I told him to pursue his dreams, to do what he always said he would, but he just snapped at me and slammed the door behind him. I figured he had just gone off somewhere to blow off some steam."

Cross nuzzles his chin, while thinking. "What made you think he was in trouble?" Chris removed his sight from the ground and looked at DCI Cross. "He was acting strangely. He got suspicious phonecalls. He always left the room, when he got them. He was much more irritable than usual. I know he had a temper, but still.. he wasn't like his usual self. He would never say things like that if he was himself." Cross taps on the table with his fingers. So Jason had a temper. Maybe that's what got him killed. The question is just, who he was on the phone with and what he got himself into. Cross decides to let Chris go, since he looks like someone who hasn't slept for quite a while. Stands up and nods. "Thank you. You can leave. If you remember anything else, please contact us." Hands him a card with his phone-number. He then leaves to find Lancaster, but Chris stops him. "He said he couldn't possibly fulfill his dreams. That they would never let him in, but I'm telling you. He was good. He really had talent. He was wicked smart and strong. Please let them pay for what they did to him. He died before he had a chance to outlive his dreams." Cross nods. "I promise I'll do what I can."

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