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Alex is your average teen who has done well at school always gets bullied and has always liked bands like blink-182 green day and nirvana. One day when she goes to a special place where she likes to sing 'long way home' by 5sos she actually meets one of them



Alex POV

As like any other teenager I'm a bit different, I do well in school, always gets bullied and never goes to parties. But I have a hidden talent at least that's what I call it other people just call me 'worthless, use less and a bitch' I'd always love to sing play the acoustic drums and play the guitar. Okay so strait to the point.

I woke up in my bedroom by the alarm clock it's always just so annoying but luckily it was Friday, I got out of bed and went strait to the shower

Skip shower.

I got out of the shower and wrapped my towel around me I chose the first things that I see in my wardrobe, I was wearing a green day tank top black skinny jeans cut at the knee and just put mascara on my lashes I didn't like being a cake face. I walked out of my bedroom and saw my mum and dad siting at the dining table. "So mum, dad anything new?" I ask them because all the time I'm always usually always at the park with my guitar playing random songs. " no not today sweetheart, want me to drop you off at school ?" I nodded my head in agreement I hopped in the car and the drive to school was silent like always.

Once I got to school, like always I was pushed over by the head cheerleader "watch where your going you worthless piece of shit!" She screamed at my ear, " oh u-uh sorry." I was never scared of her I was just scared that she might get her evil demon (her boyfriend) to ruin my life, since the start of high school they always picked on the weaklings I'm saying I'm not week I have some good punches but I keep everything to my self.

I looked at my schedule and the first thing I had was music, I always wanted to go to music class it always lightens up my day just by hearin other people sing. I was about to walk in when I was called to go to the office.

I walked to the office when I see 3 dudes standing faced forwards to the principals desk. I cleared my throat and they looked at me. Standing right there 5sos boys but no Ashton he probably went to another school. "Oh Alex there you are can you show these boys around the school?" I nodded my head and showed them around "hi my names Alex." I told them they just kept staring at me then I walked in the cafeteria and I gotta say I never knew it was lunch time already. Once I walked in with the boys behind me all the girls started to scream and decided to push and shove me it was painful, I mouthed sorry to the boys but they mouthed back it was okay. Once school was finished I walked back home and I had a feeling that someone was following me. That someone was Calum I looked at him and said "why are you following me unless your house is this way too."

He let out a small giggle "my house is this way too, SOO can I walk with you?" Uhh sure." "Oh I didn't mention my name, my name is.." But then I cut him off "well I do know you name every one knows you your the one and only, drum roll please, * taps on my legs* introducing CALUM HOOD." He giggled a little once I got my house I realised he lived next door to me. I went up to my room and saw that calum was shirtless, I gotta say he did have a nice v line he went up to my window and caught me off guard, I was playing FIFA and my window was open "hey Alex never saw you there." I heard him but I didn't want to look at him. "Hey can't you see I'm playing here leave me alone til I get this..... Goal." I shouted so loud that my mum came up and told me to be quiet, I then was silent I still saw that calum was laughing hard. "I never knew a girl like you played FIFA." I laughed and said you know your shirtless and your burning my eyes." I told him covering my eyes with my hand and landin face first on the floor. " in a good way or bad way." He smirked at me and I said " bad way!" He didn't expect me to say that, I didn't expect myself to say that but I said it.

He laughed and told me if he could come over, I said yes and he climbed to my window once he was in my room he saw that I had a lot of band posters, instruments and his jaw dropped when he saw all of the sports that I played and my Xbox. " so Alex your into sports instruments and video games? Didn't expect this from a girl. Woah are those your trophies?" " yea their my trophies do you have a problem with that?" " uhh no I'm just impressed." " uhh okay so what do you want to do?" Wanna go out side and play abit of soccer I have goal at the back of my yard and we can have a 1 v 1 game sound good Alex?" I got lost in his beautiful brown eyes and also he was shirtless he caught me staring " ALEX like what you see, come on let's go play soccer." I nodded and grabbed my soccer ball and headed to the goal set it was the right size and I don't think calum expects anything from me. "Hey Alex you know I'm great at soccer and I don't think you can beat me!" "Oh really okay let's see!"

Skip soccer game

"Last goal wins and we are a tie so c'mon!" I said as he had the soccer ball he kicked it but I kicked it back and I score a goal.

Calum's POV

wow Alex is amazing she is so different to the other girls. She shot a goal and it was also a great shot, I ran to her and tackled her.

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