After a car accident, Joseph is not physically the same. He and his wife must pull through the scars left by the crash. They face new challenges with Joseph's disabilities and his wife's amnesia. The only problem is... Joseph's wife, Josie, is not the same.


1. Breakfast

     I can't feel my toes as I wiggle them anxiously. I look down at them nervously as I shiver with cold. I don't remember putting on these slippers. I don't even like the color black. Josie forced me to buy these, anyways, so I guess whatever makes her happy... My toes are starting to regain some feeling as I wiggle them. The cold of my toes startles me and I jump a little. This small action triggers Josie's panic button. She looks at me from the stove and asks if I'm okay. I tell her I'd be better once I've had my breakfast. She scowls and tuns back to the sizzling pan in front of her. The popping and sizzles make me uncomfortable. I shift around in my wooden chair hoping to find a comfortable position. As I do this, the rotted chair creaks with disagreement. I don't realize I am tapping my fingers on the table until they start to hurt. I look at my fingernails and see they are slightly bent and very dirty. Josie lost the damn nail clipper a few weeks ago. Thanks to her, I look like a damn werewolf. I love her to death, but the things my wife does sometimes are stupid enough to make a man question reality. After a few minutes of crackling and sizzling, Josie flops a greasy egg onto a ceramic plate followed by a few spoonfuls of lumpy corn. I can see the steam emanating from the eggs as Josie walks towards me and hands me the plate. She holds it from the rim with both hands and places the bottom of the plate on my palm. I feel the heat instantly. As soon as she lets go of the plate, so do I. Before the plate smashes the tile floor and shatters into small pieces, I scream.

"God damn it, Josie--" I am interrupted by the smashing of the plate, "The plate is practically out of the oven!" I stand from my chair quickly and strike her. She whimpers then falls down with what's left of the eggs and corn. "And now you've made a damn mess out of my breakfast" I stop to catch my breath, "Clean yourself up and let's go to the damn chiropractor!" She gets up and nearly slips on the eggs. She stares at me with eyes full of anger. Before I can repeat myself, she slaps me and reminds me that if these incidents occur, she will leave me. I shrug her off and she goes to change. I sidestep over the mess she made and sweep it to the side with a broken broom. After cleaning the rest up, I sit back down on the chair. As soon as my rear makes contact with the surface of the chair, it collapses underneath me.

     When I hit the tile floor, it sends a shattering pain through my spine. I scream and swear to holy hell. The pain is unbearable. Josie comes running in with only a shirt and her underwear on. "What happened? Are you okay? Let me help you!" All of these things are flowing out of Josie's mouth and all I want to do is shut her up. I scream at her to take me to a hospital. She helps me up, but the pain is still stinging my whole back. I ignore it and we stumble to the front door. Josie opens it and a burst of winter air pierces my lungs and invades my body. Snow and a bit of sleet are raging against my face as Josie and I travel towards the station wagon. I have my arm around her neck as I struggle to keep walking. The cement beneath my feet is wet and a bit slippery. I am surprised it took Josie as long as it did to slip considering she was in her underwear as sleet pelted her bare legs and she had ice underneath her. But when she did fall, I came down right with her. That's when I felt a bone in my shoulder pop. I continued screaming as Josie cried her way inside. She returned a few seconds later with pants and shoes and helped me get to the car.

      When we got inside the car, I could not feel my shoulder and I could barley feel my back. Josie curses and runs back inside for the keys. When she returns, she starts the car and we begin our journey to the hospital. The whole ride there was a huge panic and a series of sharp turns and bumps. During one of the many bumps, I felt my shoulder pop again and I could feel my fingers again. The ice on the windshield had barley let up as the windshield wipers attacked it. the snow and sleet was slamming onto the windshield and I noticed the remains of a fly inside the windshield. For a moment, the sounds of Josie's 'comforting' words fade to nothing. The pain goes away and my heartbeat slows down. Time stopped as I stared at the smear on the windshield. I smile, I don't know why, but I do.I feel powerful--happy, almost. These feelings were ended abruptly as the right side of the car and the right side of my body is hit head-on with a red pickup truck. After this, there is only silence and the blurry image of the smear on the windshield burned into my mind.

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