Living The Fantasy (An Inheritance Cycle FanFiction)

What happens when someone from our world who has read the Inheritance Cycle enters Alagaesia and is forced to take up the mantle of dragon rider? That's exactly what happens to Ebony, a seventeen year old girl who is pulled into the world of Alagaesia by a mysterious, unknown force. During her journey, she unknowingly alters the course of events and must do everything in her power to restore order.


1. Chapter One

All names and places from the Inheritance Cycle belong to Christopher Paolini.


Chapter One

The bedroom door creaked open in protest and the ominous, shadowy form of my mother appeared at the entrance to my room. Hastily snapping Eldest shut, I slid the book into the crack between the bed and wall.

Diane entered, a frown plastered on her face. I often wondered if her lips were frozen like that.

She had dark red hair that spilled down to her shoulders, and emerald eyes that had lost their merry twinkle. Thankfully, I looked nothing like her.

"Ebony, how many times have I told you that homework comes before reading time?" she asked, irritated that I preferred reading Fantasy over schoolwork.

Shrugging, I ignored her and turned on my laptop. At least I wasn't one of those zombie eyed kids that stared at their computer screen all day. Still, Diane seemed to hate me no matter what I did.

"If dad were here," I grumbled, but was rudely interrupted by my mom.

"Don't you dare bring up Matt, young lady. He was the one who left you, not me," she explained.

"Yeah? Well whose fault was that? I recall that he walked in on you and Thomas!" I spat, making sure she knew the contempt I had against her.

If you're wondering about the reason for the tension between my mom and I, my dad paid a surprise visit to her office one day. He was going to pick her up for dinner and walked in on Diane having an affair with her boss. I was fifteen at the time. Two years later, I still didn't understand why he hadn't taken me with him.

It's not fair!

"EBONY ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?" my mom screamed.

Shaking my head, I had had enough of this abuse. Under the hate filled glare of my mother, I reached over my bed and grabbed Eldest, before shoving it into my backpack with a few other books.

Shrugging into my black sweatshirt, which matches my hair, I strapped my backpack on and slipped into my tennis shoes.

"What do you think you are doing young lady?" my mom asked suspiciously.

Dang, she's blocking the door way.

"Since it appears you no longer want me as your child, I'll make the job easier. That way you can be with Thomas and not have to worry about your own flesh and blood!"

My mother's mouth dropped open in disbelief. I could tell she hadn't been expecting me to go off on a rant like that. She quickly recovered.

"You were never my own flesh and blood! Matt's first wife was killed in a crash before we got married. Get out of the house, you ungrateful bitch!" demanded Diane, pointing at the door.

I wanted to move, but my feet had suddenly turned into cement. Frozen, I couldn't believe what she had told me. My father had a wife before Diane? It wasn't true. He had never talked about her before.

Purposefully stomping towards her, I was startled when she gripped my arm. Her fingernails tore into my skin, drawing blood.

"You're hurting me," I gasped. She released me, throwing me against the wall.

"Get out. NOW!"

Tears streaming down my face, I shakily stumbled down the stairs and into the living room. Opening the sliding glass door, I made sure to slam it hard enough that the glass shattered behind me.

I pumped my legs as fast as they could carry me, refusing to look back as I kept my eyes trained on the forest ahead.

It didn't take long before I sat down and reclined my back against an oak tree. Looking around, more memories surfaced as I remembered how many times my father would come out here to play with me.

He would always pretend he was a dragon, and that I was his rider. I couldn't help remembering those cherished memories. Which left me again to wonder, why had he left me?

Burying my head between my knees, I wanted to be with him again. Sniffing, I brushed my jet black hair out of my eyes and stared up at the starry night sky.

"Dad, I don't know if you can hear me, but your daughter needs you now," I whispered.

A buzzing noise came from my backpack. Curious, I opened it and saw a golden glow coming from inside the a Eragon book.

What the heck?

If there was one thing I knew, it was that books aren't supposed to do this.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the middle of Eragon and cried out as a bright white completely engulfed me.


Groaning, I opened my eyes. The stars were still twinkling in the sky, so I couldn't have been unconscious for too long. The moon's silver glow, which form some strange reason appeared brighter than normal, illuminated the forest around me.

That's when the headache came. Grimacing, it felt as though someone was taking a hammer and pounding it against my skull. That's also when I realized I wasn't in the same forest as I had been in before I had blacked out.

Looking around, I spotted Eragon lying open on the ground and narrowed my eyes.

"I must be going crazy if I think if you have something to do with this," I grumbled at the book.

I gingerly picked it up and brushed off the dirt that covered it. Cursing, I never let my books get dirty. Especially my favorite one.

Standing up, I strapped on my backpack once again and knew my first step was to find a city. Or at the very least, someone who could tell me where I was.

I picked out what I determined to be the brightest star, and headed in that direction. The pine needles loudly crunched beneath my tennis shows as I marched on.

Eventually, I decided to rest and when I did, my ears picked up a strange sound. It was the thunderous noise of hoofbeats pounding along the ground.

Strange, who rides horses these days? I wondered.

Of course, if there was a horse, then he had to have a someone riding him right? Tracking the direction of where the noise was heading, I traveled in that direction, hoping to cut them off.


I was climbing a particularly difficult hill and slipped. My throat was parched dry and I was craving water. If I didn't find something soon, I felt like I would die.

My trail of thoughts vanished when the sky in front of me lit up in flames. The fire noisily crackled.

That definitely isn't normal!

Curiosity got the better of me and I forced myself to the top of the hill.


Lying on my stomach, I squinted and watched in horror as a woman with raven colored hair was thrown from her horse. The animal bolted as more flames appeared and prevented her from escaping. Then I saw him.

A man with curly, fiery red hair was standing on the opposite side of the woman from me. It looked like he was somehow controlling the fire. His lips moved, and he gestured with his hands.

The woman reached for something at her waist and revealed a blue stone which she held high above her head.

"Give it to me! Give the egg to me!" the man screamed.

An egg? Wait, come to think of it, this scene feels familiar, but why?

Before I could figure out the answer to my question, the smoke caused me to sneeze.


Both the man and woman turned to look at me. I immediately wished I could become smaller or vanish into the shadows. I couldn't help feeling that I had stumbled into something far bigger than me.

Blinking, I noticed the man was gone. The woman placed the egg back in the leather pouch and drew a sword.

"RUN!" she exclaimed, her voice resonating with power and authority.

I didn't hesitate to argue with her. My legs picked themselves up, and as I ran back the way I had come, I heard a wailing noise pursuing me. I was the prey, but who or what was the predator?

Sliding to a stop, my arms and legs flailed as I attempted to regain my balance. Before me was a one hundred foot drop. I cringed. I had always had a fear of heights.

Pine needles and dirt rustled behind me, and turning, I saw the same man from earlier. Strange markings were tattooed into his flesh.

"What are you?" I asked nervously.

The man' slips twisted into a warped smile, revealing yellow, rotten stained teeth.

"You're worst nightmare. Before I kill you, I should like to know how a child such as yourself, managed to come here," he demanded.

Something told me me I shouldn't tell this man anything and that he would kill me either way. He sighed, evidently disappointed I wasn't going to give him what he sought.

"I see you wish to so this the hard way. Very well, if that is how you wish it," he said a word and pointed at me.

Invisible, metal chains wrapped around my ankles and yanked me to my knees. At the same time, I also detected a cold, slimy presence invading my mind. Shuddering, it made me feel disgusted, like I had been violated. I knew it was the man in front of me who caused this feeling.

Images of the days' events flashed before me. I then saw my entire life in rewind mod.

The feeling of violation left as quickly as it had come, and the man spoke.

"Interesting. It looks like you are descended from a unique bloodline. Too bad you won't be around to discover it for yourself," the man said as a ball of fire appeared and hovered above his hand.

That's impossible!

I should have been more concerned about my imminent death, but the fact that he was actually doing magic came as a shock.

"Such a pity. You're extremely powerful. Powerful enough to rival the King. Not that it will do you any good," he said and unleashed the fire ball at me.

Shutting my eyes, I waited for the searing heat to engulf me. It never came.


Opening my eyes, I saw the woman from earlier holding her sword above us. A blue bubble like shield covered us. The man was gone, and the woman faced me.

Exhausted, I strained my eyes to watch her as darkness swam in my peripheral vision. I caught a glimpse of cold, emerald eyes and pointed ears.


Then, for the second time that day, I blacked out.


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