Opposities Attract

She was Innocent He was Punk
She listened to Troye Sivan He listened to Falling in Reverse
what happens when she gets invited to the party of the year and he's there will they fall in love or will they make the biggest mistake of their lives


10. Everything Turned

I woke up i got up and took of my personal hygiene i put on my white floral sweatshirt with my cotton candy blue pants i curled my hair and put on my flower crown i sat down i put my phone in my sweatshirt i put my headphones i played "Fun by Troye Sivan" i thought about Tyde i got in my car before i started it i called Tyde 



hey bro 


whats up 

nothing much driving to school 


in the gym 


bye i"m at school 

bye talk to you later 

I walked into the school i walked into the gym i saw Niall making out with the school's slut  

Lucille i ran and sat by Leigh-Anne and Jade i cried i felt worthless they asked me what was wrong i told them Leigh-Anne went over to Niall and slapped him he looked at me he walked over to me telling me he was sorry i just slapped him i told him i couldn't take him back the bell rang i ran into the cafeteria and found zayn i ran up to him i cupped his face i kissed him i felt magic he smirked at me he asked me what happened apparently my eyes were still red and puffy i told him what happened he asked me if i was okay i told him i didn't know anymore i hold his hand and we went to our geo class Mrs.Mortez i sat by Leigh Jesy Zayn and Louis zayn held me hand under the table he whispered in my ear "Can i ask you something after class" i told him "Of course" i couldn't wait until class was over 

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