Opposities Attract

She was Innocent He was Punk
She listened to Troye Sivan He listened to Falling in Reverse
what happens when she gets invited to the party of the year and he's there will they fall in love or will they make the biggest mistake of their lives


8. Chapter 8

**6 in the morning **

I woke up i put on my black and yellow nirvana shirt with my yellow skirt and my black vans with my logo necklace and nirvana bracelet i straightened my hair after that i ate breakfast and drove to school since mom bought me a car on Saturday she told me it was because she didn't want me running her “gas” out before i got to school i went to Jade’s house and picked her up since Leigh-Anne texted me that she was going to pick up Jesy because she knew i didn't really favor her so when we got to school we met up at the cafeteria we ate biscuits with syrup after we finished we went to math which we had all together when we got in class i saw zayn harry and niall i sat by Niall and jesy sat by zayn after a while zayn was shifting around in his seat i looked at jesy and zayn Jesy was whispering in his ear some things i wouldn't even say around my parents i looked at Niall he smiled i smiled back he put his hand on mine i asked why he told me he liked me with that i pecked him a kiss on his check he wasn't like zayn he was sweeter he asked me if i wanted to go to his house i told him “It would be my pleasure horan” i looked at zayn he looked at Niall sending him a glare with that i pecked Niall another kiss on the check after class was over i was pulled by my wrist and pushed into a bathroom stall i looked at who it was it was Niall he kissed me i felt magic which was weird after the kiss Niall asked me out i told him yes 

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