Opposities Attract

She was Innocent He was Punk
She listened to Troye Sivan He listened to Falling in Reverse
what happens when she gets invited to the party of the year and he's there will they fall in love or will they make the biggest mistake of their lives


4. Chapter 4

Today is my first day I'm wearing my black long sleeve shirt with my blue shorts and my black wedges and my owl necklace i combed my hair back i always wore a long sleeve shirt back home for many reasons i cant tell anyone about my mom drove  me to school 

we finally got to school after getting lost several times until we turned the gps on i got to school the school looked different from the school back home i walked into the office with my mom when i got there i saw someone he looked amazing his hair and his brown eyes amazed me i admired his body until i found tattoos i could tell he was punk he was wearing all black  when i lived back in the states i had gotten hurt on my way home by a group of them so i knew to be careful around him but he looked amazing i knew i wouldn't be able to help myself i went up to the teachers desk and asked where i sat she told me i sat by him the boy that amazed i saw him look up his brown eyes sparkled i could feel myself blushing i tried to hide but when he told me “I didn't know i had an effect on you “ i told him you don't he whispered in my ear “Are you sure princess i can so many effects on you “ with that i just looked down i then told them “I doubt it “ after that he told me “Don't be so sure “ with that i hurried and walked out of the class i looked down until i bumped into someone the person helped picking my book with me my hand accidentally touched the person’s hand i looked up the person had brown hair and green eyes he spoke up he told me his name was Harry i said my name is Perrie he asked me if we would like to be friends i nodded my head up and down i couldn't stop admiring his looks i was interrupted by him grabbing my hand and pulling me through the hall he stopped by a group of boys they were all wearing the same type of clothing he was black skinny pants and short sleeve shirts harry got the boys attention they were paying attention to the dyed blond haired boy he was talking about this random girl the words that came out of his mouth scared me i was introduced to  the boys i met Niall,louis,Liam and last but not least him ...

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