Opposities Attract

She was Innocent He was Punk
She listened to Troye Sivan He listened to Falling in Reverse
what happens when she gets invited to the party of the year and he's there will they fall in love or will they make the biggest mistake of their lives


3. Chapter 3

Today was the day my parents and I were moving to London i rode in the car i couldn't stop thinking about Tyde and Katie i looked through the pictures we took together and started crying i couldn't help it my mother sat beside me and hugged me tight and told me everything was going to be alright i cheered up i looked at the clouds in the sky their different shapes fascinated me 

**6 hours later **

We landed in London the city looked so different from where i used to live i unpacked my boxes in my room my room was bigger than my last room it was painted black and red my two favorite colors the first thing i did when i unpacked was looked though the patio window the view was beautiful the trees leaves were red and orange i knew it was fall it was colder here then in the states i was scared for tomorrow i had to get used to this school when i was still getting used to my old school people always bullied me i didn't want to happen here 

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