Opposities Attract

She was Innocent He was Punk
She listened to Troye Sivan He listened to Falling in Reverse
what happens when she gets invited to the party of the year and he's there will they fall in love or will they make the biggest mistake of their lives


2. Chapter 1

My names Perrie i just moved to London my father got a job here so i had no choice but to move her i have a day left to live here so i decided to tell my friends good bye tomorrow at school 

**6 in the morning **

Im getting ready to go to my school i try to hold back my tears i did i felt horrible my mother told me it wasn't my fault i put on my black beanie with my long sleeve red shirt and my black jeggings i put on my black boots i curled my hair i got to the bus stop and texted Tyde and Katie i told them i had good and bad news to tell them 





I have to tell you something


I have some bad and good news but ill have to tell you at school can you text Tyde what  i said 

ok see you at school 


I got on the bus sat in the front i played on my computer waiting until i got to school 


Chapter 2 

**5 mins later **

The bus dropped us off at school i walked into the gym i walked up to Tyde and explained to him what was happening  interrupted being almost squeezed to death by Katie i hugged her back after that Katie and I went to our art class i drew a red rose symbolizing my friendship with Katie and I went over to my house when school was over so she could help me pack for London i asked Tyde if he could help he said he couldn't i told katie what tyde told me Katie and I finished packing all my stuff we played one last time since it was cold outside we couldn't do much after we played i hugged Katie goodbye that night i went to sleep that night with a frown on my face 


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