The Forbidden Love For My Bully

(This is my first story I've written, so please be patient. I will not be updating a lot but I will try my best considering I have school right now and a lot of homework and my birthday is soon so I'm sorry if it's terrible.)

Hi! I'm Ashley! Ashley McIsaac, but you can call me Ash. I am 14 years old and I am being bullied at school every day by the one and only Hayes Grier.


1. The Forbidden Love For My Bully




"COMING MOTHER!" I yelled. Oh! Hi! You probably figured out my name is Taylor-Ashley, but for future references, you can call me Ashley or Ash. I HATE being called Taylor-Ashley. My mom always calls me that and I hate her for it.

"Ashley! Hurry up! We're gonna be late for the first day of school!" Sam complained.

"Okay, okay! I'm hurrying!" I said getting annoyed. Sam is my twin sister. We have a lot more in common than your typical twin. We have the same natural hair colour, we love each other, we love the same artists/bands and we don't fight as much as other siblings usually do! Anyway, I did my usual mourning routine, not caring about Sam complaining for me to hurry up. After I put my hair in a braid, I picked out my favourite outfit for school today! It includes dark blue jeans, a white light-cotton shirt with lace, a dark jacket, country boots that are about knee-high, and a gold necklace that my dad gave to me.

When I went downstairs, my mom gave me a pop-tart so I could eat it on the way to school. "Bye loves! Have a wonderful day!" Mom yelled to us as we walked out the door. When Sam and I got to our bus stop, Sam's boyfriend, Lucas, was standing there waiting for her. When Luc saw her he gave Sam a bear hug because it was chilly outside.

"Ugh! Stop being all 'Lovey Dovey' with each other!" I complained. I hated when Sam and Luc did that infront of me.

"Oh whatever! You know what!?"


"I'm going to find you a boyfriend! No matter what it takes!" Sam exclaimed proudly.

"Um... And how would you do that!?"

"Find the guy that is good for you! That's how!"She explained.

'Find the guy that's good for me?' I wondered. How can she do that!? I know the guy that I should be friends with. Maybe even more than friends! His name is Hayes Grier. We used to be best friends until one day in grade five, he started bullying me. he started off with just verbally, but then it became more physically in grade seven. I met him in preschool and I have loved Mr. Hayes Grier ever since!


(A/N: Hi! This is my very first book I have written that people are actually going to read! I am so happy that you are going to read my book! I'm not even joking! If you like my book, comment and favourite it, tell me what you think! P.S. Sorry about the language... In this book there will be swear words so caution!!!)

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