The Forbidden Love For My Bully

(This is my first story I've written, so please be patient. I will not be updating a lot but I will try my best considering I have school right now and a lot of homework and my birthday is soon so I'm sorry if it's terrible.)

Hi! I'm Ashley! Ashley McIsaac, but you can call me Ash. I am 14 years old and I am being bullied at school every day by the one and only Hayes Grier.


4. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Ashley's POV

After waiting 10 minutes for the bus, it finally came. Since I am a very shy person on buses, I sat close to the front. Luckily Hayes was getting a ride today so I sat a bit further from the front than usual. The bus is very loud, morning and afternoon. I put my ear buds in and put my iPod on shuffle. Ricky Dillon's song Ignite came on. The bus ride today was about 15 minutes. After about 4 songs, someone tapped my shoulder. I looked over to see my best friend Elisabeth sitting down beside me. Elisabeth is like my only friend and I don't know what I would do without her...

"Hey! What's up? Anything new?" Elisabeth asked. She has always been curious about everything.

"Hey Elisabeth! Nothing really new has happened in my life. What about you?"

"Well... A few people are going to the dance on Friday and somebody asked me to go and I said yes but you will never guess who it was!!" She said very quickly. I giggled.

"Who asked you to go?" She squealed a bit and then I know who it was.

"Jordan!!!! He asked me!! Me!! Can you believe that!" She almost yelled.

"Shut up! You know that we aren't in a room by ourselves. We are on the bus." I reminded her.

"Oh be quite! You are gonna go to the dance together and go on a double date at the dance! That is so going to happen!" She said very excited. I don't know why she's excited because I know for a fact that nobody is gonna ask me to the dance.

"Whatever you say..." We just arrived to hell and I am so not in the mood for Hayes. If you don't know what I mean by "hell", another word is "school".

As me and Elisabeth head to our lockers upstairs we run into the popular girls everyone loves. Jessica, Katie, and their clan. These girls abuse their makeup and then it looks like a crayon rapped their faces.

"Oh! Look at what we have here! The Loser Duo. Better not touch them or you'll become a loser too that hates them still." The 'queenbee' said as they 'accidentally' knocked us down. The queen bee is Jessica.

"Just leave us alone and go to where you belong! Where you belong is nowhere we are! So just g-" she slapped me. She actually slapped me! What made her think she had the right to slap me. Now I can feel my cheek stinging,so I ran to the nearby washroom and locked the stall door.

Elisabeth's POV

That bitch just slapped my best friend! What the hell was that for! "You're gonna pay for that... So you better watch your back..." I ran into the bathroom that Ashley went in and heard sobbing. "Ash? Is that you?" I asked. I was so worried about what Hayes will do to her now...

"Y-Yeah it's m-me..." She stuttered. I know that was a bad thing.

"Can you come out of the stall please so I can talk to you about everything you need to?" The stall door opened and she came out covering the cheek Jessica slapped. I removed her hand from her cheek and there was a huge red hand print from Jessica's hand.

"Let's talk about this."

Hayes's POV

Jessie and Kate came up to me with their followers behind them. "Hey babe! I ran into her and slapped her for you! Do you want to take me to the dance now?" Jessie asked. I can't believe that she was doing that to such a beautiful girl!

"No Jessie. I told you that I have already asked someone and they said yes! I'm sorry." I said. To be honest, no I haven't asked anyone but I do have someone in mind! Her name is Ashley. If she isn't going, neither am I. Luckily, I have her sister Sam and her friend Elisabeth to tell me if she is going or not. Elisabeth is also helping me with what colour to wear so I can match with Ashley.

So here's the story of Ashley and I.


We met in preschool and became best friends. fell hard for her but nobody knewI'm actually still falling for herBut one day in grade fiveMay 17th, saw her kiss another guyIt broke my heart and couldn't take it anymore cause he kept kissing her every time was around themstarted bullying herThat guy was my best friend other than Ashley, but no,right after he did thathe was my ex best friend but now regret everything ever did that hurt herhate myself everydaymore and morefor everything did.

*Flashback Over*

Ugh! I just want to die every time I think of what I did to her. I know she will never be able to forgive me for everything I did. Anywho! Let's get to class cause I don't want to be late. First class is math... With Ashley! YES!!! I walk in the classroom and I see her. Her beautiful imperfections make her perfect. There's an empty seat next to her so I go sit there. "Hey Ash!"

(A/Hey guysjust wrote all this in one night so be happySorry haven't been updating but life has been hard for me and everything but please forgive me! Here's an updatedid it on my phone so don't know how long it is but hope its long enoughLove you! -Taylor)

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