Unknown Number: You're beautiful.

Who the hell sent that? And I'm not beautiful. How do they even know what I look like? I then sigh and text back.

Me: Um, who's this?

I silently wait for the response. Dying to know who it is.

Unknown Number: I'm Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson? Isn't he the kid in my film class? Why is he texting me?


24. twenty four


Me: ugh

Mom: who is he? what does he look like?

Me: his names louis and he has light brown hair with cerulean blue eyes

Mom: nice, so he asked u out?

Me: yes mum, but only if our friendship works out

I didn't want to tell mom about the whole Alec situation, and how I made a deal to only go out with Louis if we succeed in stopping Alec for good.

Mom: oh well i wish u luck sweetie!

Me: thx ma

Mom: also i want to apologize for never spending enough time with u. its just u know how work is and how international calls are expensive

Wow, that was a first. Never in my life did I think my mom would care about me enough to apologize for practically ignoring me.

Me: its fine mom, anyways i have to go now my friends r comin over for studyin

Mom: ok bye darling get good grades!

I then lock my phone and toss it aside as I wait for the boys. I started to channel surf and decided to watch the news. They were talking about Joe's death again, but they had some new information. I watched as the news lady with too much makeup on, started to speak.

Joe Smith body was sent into an morgue. His body finally had an autopsy done today, and it appears that he has died from a gun shot. It was a clean cut and had also broken his bone, impacting on an organ, which caused the sudden death.

"Alec needs to be stopped right away." I heard a voice say. I turn around to see the guys standing next to each other watching the TV screen.

"But how?" is all I could say.


Bea's POV

"Alright faggots let's get this started!" I shout in a general tone as I hop off the last step of the stairs and run to the living room.

I notice Niall and Liam sleeping with both of their heads on Zayn's shoulders, as Zayn slouches with a grimace. Harry was on his phone texting away, as Louis was lying on the floor making goofy faces.

"I'm surrounded by idiots." I mumble to myself with a facepalm. I then grab my whistle from my pocket and blow on it hard. All the boys covered their ears in pain and shock, as Zayn yelled, "I'm innocent!"

I give him a 'what the fuck' look as he just looks down in embarrassment. I then walk over to Louis and grab him by the shirt, lifting him off the floor and pushing him onto the couch, where he landed on Harry's lap as Harry groaned and said, "Right where the sun don't shine."

"It's okay Hazza!" said Louis as they fist bumped.

"Can we please focus?" I say with a groan.

All the boys nod and finally shut up, as I smile and fix my camouflage shirt and pants. "Alright as you know we are all here to stop Alec and his evil ways..."

They nod their heads in agreement, but I notice Niall not paying attention 'cause he's to busy looking at his phone as he eats our chips. "Cover you ears!" I say as the others do as I say. I then walk over to Niall and blow my whistle by his ear making him jump out of his seat saying, "Fucking shit bitch!"

I roll my eyes and say, "Pay attention or I'm taking the food away."

His eyes widen as he looks down in shame and says, "It's like the first day of Kindergarten all over again."

I walk back to where I was standing before and put a hand on my hip as I say, "Now back to the plan..."

"We need to distract Alec and get him to admit the crime he has done." says Louis as I nod in agreement.

"Okay, um quick question?" asks Harry as he raises his hand like a five year old in school.

"Yes?" I say a little irritated.

"How are we going to distract him?" he asks. I then bite on my lip out of nervousness and see Louis stand up as he says, "Bea can do it!"

"Bea can do what?" I ask with my eyes wide.

"Alec has a thing for you, but not in a serious way. You can distract him by chatting him up." he says with a disgusted expression.

"But he wouldn't admit on his crimes." I point out as Louis says, "Not unless he's drunk."

"A drunk mans' words are a sober mans' thoughts." I whisper as everyone smiles.

"Okay, but how do we get him drunk?" asks Liam as Zayn looks at his reflection with his phone.

"Zayn quit being vain." I say as he growls in annoyance and shoves his phone back in his pocket.

"I can throw a party and invite you all and him to it." says Louis as I think about. It's not a bad idea, Louis can pretend he's hooking us up and maybe I can wear a wire or recorder under my clothes, and use all of Alecs' words against him.

"Looks like we got a plan." says Zayn as I nod in agreement.

"So when's this 'party'?" asks Niall as Harry plays with his blonde hair.

"This Friday. The sooner, the better." says Louis as I gulp.

"What if he tries hurting me?" I ask with worry. The psychopath has a fling for me, and I'm worried as hell. I'm too young to die or get raped. I get shivers at the thought of it, and I guess Louis realized as he said, "Liam and Zayn will be keeping an eye on you two, as the rest of us get the cops to the party."

"Okay, but we'll have to get rid of the guests soon so they wouldn't freak about the cops and shit." says Liam.

"Alright." is all Louis says as we all smile and fist bump each other.

"Okay, but if I get touched by that son of a bitch, then I'm coming for all your heads." I say with a death glare as all the boys gulp out of nervousness.

"Also make sure to keep your phones on you at all costs." I remind them as they nod.

"Well I'm ready to be a typical teenager, what about you?" I ask as they shrug or give me a nod.


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