Unknown Number: You're beautiful.

Who the hell sent that? And I'm not beautiful. How do they even know what I look like? I then sigh and text back.

Me: Um, who's this?

I silently wait for the response. Dying to know who it is.

Unknown Number: I'm Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson? Isn't he the kid in my film class? Why is he texting me?


13. thirteen

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In the end I found a nice pair of black jeans with black suspenders and with a white long sleeved shirt. For shoes I decided to go with black converse and no socks 'cause I absolutely hate socks. Once done dressing up I open my bedroom door and head downstairs to the kitchen where I see the twins laughing at the pictures they took and my mum cooking.

"You know I'm going to delete those right?" I said with an eyebrow raised as they did an evil smirk.

"You know we put passwords on them right?" said Phoebe as I frowned. I will get my vengeance.

I then head over to the dining room table to see Fizzy and Lottie finishing by putting down the utensils and plates. I see that mum has put out some cubed cheese and meatballs. I lean over and try to grab one, but Fizzy smacks my hand and says, "Be patient."

I roll my eyes and mimick her, but she flips me off with her middle finger. I then look over to see Lottie looking into empty space, thinking. I fake a cough to grab her attention and ask, "What's on your mind?"

"Nothing, just... Don't you find it weird how mums' been acting lately?" she asks. I furrow my eyebrows and try to think. Lottie does have a point, mum has been making me babysit more often, while she goes out with a her friend. But I don't get how this has anything to do with this.

"No, not really. I mean she's a lady she has lady's night outs you know..." I explain as Lottie shrugs and walks back to the kitchen. I then sigh and head over to the living room where the TV was on and it was showing The Amazing Spiderman.


About twenty minutes into the movie the doorbell had rung and I went to go open the door. Before I could touch the knob mum comes running to it and says, "Louis let me."

I raise my hands and gesture her to do it, as she smiles and opens the door. Outside our house was not a friend of my mum's. Instead it was some man.

"Uh mum who's-" she cuts me off by saying, "Daniel welcome!" as she hugs the stranger named Daniel.

"Daniel this is Louis, my son. Louis this is Daniel, my boyfriend." she says as my eyes widen and throat becomes dry.



Louis' POV

"Hi Louis it's nice to meet you." said Daniel.

My eyes were still wide and my head was spinning, but I gave him a firm hand shake and said, "You too."

Mum must have sensed the tension in the room and said, "Let's go eat shall we?"

We both nodded our heads and walked to the dining room, where all the girls were sitting, chatting or texting, except the twins who were watching funny videos online. This is going to be one heck of a dinner.

I decide to between Fizzy and Lottie, while Daniel sat next to mum, and the twins sat next to them. It was quiet at first, and I wondered why, but I guess Lottie sensed that since she broke the ice by starting a conversation.

"So how long have you been friends?" she asked with a smile.

"Oh, um sweetie we're dating." said mum as everyone smiled, but me.

Man I can't believe everyone is just fine with this. I mean what if he's just here to use my mum, or hurt her in other ways. My mum doesn't deserve any pain in her life and I won't allow it. I sigh as I put a spoonful of mashed potatos in my mouth, and take out my phone.

Me: help me!!!

Bea(utiful): wat? why?

I was about to text what was going on, but mum caught me and said, "Louis no texting at the table."

I sighed as I put my phone back in my pocket and said, "Sorry mum."


After dinner was over mum had served apple pie with ice cream, but I simply refused to eat. I told mum that I had to go to Joe's home to work on a project and that I would be staying at his place for the night. She had allowed it, but told me to take extra clothes since we have school tomorrow.

"Bye guys!" I shouted from the hallway as I put my jacket on and opened the door.

"Bye Louis it was nice meeting you!" said Daniel as he smiled. I gave him a quick fake smile, and nodded as I walked out and got into my car. I thought of where I should go and started the engine.


Bea's POV

I was an absolute mess knowing that my parents weren't going to be home for another five months. They would be missing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Normally my parents are never around, but they are always there with me during the holidays, except for this year. I had cried ever since I hanged up on the phone call with my mom. She told me the heart breaking news, but the thing was she didn't sound one bit sad or guilty about it. It's like she was happy to not be here, and I'm pretty sure her and dad are loving life without their daughter.

I was now snuggled up into a blanket, sitting on the living room couch wiping away my tear stained cheeks and watching MTV's fresh faces where they played My House by PVRIS. As I was watching the amazing music video and singing along to the music, my doorbell rings. I sigh as I stand up with the blanket still wrapped around me due to my cold hands holding onto it. I started shuffling my Hug covered feet to the front door and opened it without checking, who was outside.

I wasn't shocked to see whoever it was standing there. I moved aside and let the cerulean eyed boy walk in. I noticed that he was fuming as his hands were clenched into fists.

"What's wrong Louis?" I asked as he started pacing back and forth. He started rubbing his eyes and face as he kept walking around.

"Louis?" I repeated for him as he looked at me. I noticed tears running down his cheeks and his once happy eyes were now gloomy and sad. I ran to him with my arms open, letting my blanket fall, as I engulfed him into a tight hug. He started sobbing like crazy onto my shoulder and I started to calm him down by singing soothing sounds.

"Sh it's alright Lou, I'm here. You can tell me what's going on." I said as helped him over to the couch. We both sat down as he continued to rub his eyes.

"What's wrong?" I asked as he hiccupped.

"My mum is seeing someone and he's back at my house." he said with his voice cracking.

"That's great! But why are you so upset about that?" I asked.

"I'm scared that she'll get hurt again. I'm scared that she'll get her heart broken again." he sobbed out as I patted him on the head.

"Does she know where you are?" I asked. She must be worried sick, wondering where her son is.

He nodded though and said, "I told her I was going to a friend's house and staying there for the night."

"Oh, yeah sure. Here you can have the guest bedroom." I said as he nodded. I then looked at the time and noticed it 10:30 pm.

"We should get some rest. We have school tomorrow." I said as I helped Louis up and dragged him to the guest bedroom.

I opened the door and dragged him inside onto the bed. He seemed really tired. Probably emotionally drained to the point where he was physically tired. I laid him on the bed and took his jacket and shoes off as he kept his eyes closed and mumbled words. I then grab the blanket and put it over him as I patted him on the shoulder and turned off the side lamp.

Before I left his room I heard him say, "I love you..."

My eyes widened at that as I blushed deeply. He's probably just saying that in a friendly way.

"Love you too Lou."


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