Unknown Number: You're beautiful.

Who the hell sent that? And I'm not beautiful. How do they even know what I look like? I then sigh and text back.

Me: Um, who's this?

I silently wait for the response. Dying to know who it is.

Unknown Number: I'm Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson? Isn't he the kid in my film class? Why is he texting me?


17. seventeen

"What's going on?" I ask as she walked up to me. She then stopped walking and punched me in the face with her small fist. I spun and landed on the floor with my now hurting jaw.

I then grab my jaw and stand up to face her. "What the hell was that for?" I shouted as she gave me a 'You're dead.' look.

"How could you treat me like that? I trusted you and you decide to just be friends so you can find out my secrets!" she yelled as tears started to run down her face.

"What?" I asked completely confused.

"I trusted you!" she yelled as I stood there still confused about what the hell was going on.

"Bea, stop crying." said Liam as he bent down and rubbed circles on her back.

"Bea I was lying!" he said as Bea looked up at him.

"What?" she asked with complete shock.

"That wasn't the reason..." he said as Bea pulled back from his touch. She then stood up and said, "I don't want to talk to any of you! Not until you tell me the truth!"

With that she ran, but neither of us went after her 'cause we both knew what would happen.

"What did you tell to her?" I asked as Liam looked down in guilt.

"I told her to stay away from you, and she asked why." he started as I sighed.

"I told her you were just using her trust, and now here we are." he explained as I rubbed my eyes.

"Liam I'm telling you I've changed and it's for the better." I said as he sighed.

"We need to tell her everything..." I said as he nodded his head in agreement.

"I'm just scared of how she'll react." he admitted as I said, "Me too."


Bea's POV

"Hit me up another round!" I said as Kaname rolled his eyes and said, "You'll get fat if you constantly eat away your anger."

"I don't care." I mumbled with an eye roll.

"Just hit me up with another milkshake." I continued as he huffed and said, "Fine! But only 'cause I'm saving up for college."

"I don't see the point in that." I say as he makes me another milkshake.

"In college? How come-" I cut him off by saying, "I mean in saving the money for it. You're way too smart and I'm pretty sure you can get scholarships from any school you apply to."

He grinned as put on the whip cream and cherry. He then walked over to me and handed the milkshake over as I licked my lips and began to devour the sweet milkshake. I then reach into my bag and take out my wallet. I give Kaname his money as replies with a quick 'thanks' and then continue finishing my milkshake.

"One more round?" asked Kaname. I felt like I was about to hurl from all the milkshakes I had so I just simply shook my head.

"Just some water." I asked as he brought me a water in a cup.

"So want to tell me what happened?" he asked as I furrowed my eyebrows deciding if I should tell him or not.

"Eh, why not?" I said as we both grinned.


Louis' POV

"Where do you think she head off to?" I asked Liam as we speed walked around campus.

"I don't know to be honest..." he replied as I said, "You've been one of her closest friends this entire time and you don't know where she would go?"

I was fuming and also hurt. Mostly 'cause my jaw hurts, and so does my lower area. You know where the sun don't shine? Apparently when I fell face flat from the punch, my hand landed on the floor with my crotch landing hard on it. I would try soothing the pain away, but that would be weird and I'd probably give myself an orgasm.

"She doesn't consider me and the other boys as her friends." he said with a shrug.

"Why not?" I ask.

"She said 'she doesn't do friends'." he said as he made little quote signals with his hands.

"Oh..." I say feeling a little bad for the boys and him. I then sigh and realize that it's time we go look on our own.

"Let's split up." I say as Liam nods. Luckily school ended early today for skunk had entered through the library and going off spraying pretty much everywhere. Luckily Liam and I weren't in the building when that happened.

"Maybe we should text her?" I said as Liam face palmed himself.

"We're the dumbest shits alive." he jokes as we begin to laugh.

"Here I'll text her now." I said as I whipped out my phone and typed.






Me: Baby cum back!

Me: hehe get it? 'cum' back!

Me: plz call or message me

Me: jesus b! its not like im proposing just answer back already!

"Well?" asked Liam with a little hope.

I sighed as I said, "Nothing..."

"Let's just split up." I continued as he gives me a nod and walks off. I then thought before I made my next move. Where would Bea go? What's her secret hideout?

Wait! That's it!


Bea's POV

"Wow that was a total douchebag thing they did." he said as I nodded in agreement.

"I just wish they wouldn't lie to me. Maybe if they didn't I would've considered them as friends." I continued yapping about as Kaname mumbled, "Yeah."

He then walks over to the register to put in all the money he earned from and said, "I'll probably be employee of the month thanks to you."

I laughed and said, "You're welcome!"

I then laid my head down onto the bar as I got headache from all the eating and shit. As I close my eyes and breathe slowly I feel a hand on my shoulder. I grab the hand quickly twist the person's body saying, "Get away you creep!"

"I'm not a creep!" squeaked a familiar voice. I then let go of the stranger and see that it was Louis.

"Aw shit." I mumbled as I ran to the girl's bathroom. I opened a stall and probably threw up my guts.


A/N Ew gross chapter! But I love it! Sorry I like gross, creepy, scary things. Take me to a horror movie and I'll probably scream and laugh my butt off! Also tell me what you guys think of this chapter and give it a nice vote!


P.S. You're beautiful and if someone made a cake with your face on it, I would eat you up! HAHA I'M SO WEIRD BUT CREATIVE NO WONDER I DON'T HAVE A BOYFRIEND HAHAHAHAHA.

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