Unknown Number: You're beautiful.

Who the hell sent that? And I'm not beautiful. How do they even know what I look like? I then sigh and text back.

Me: Um, who's this?

I silently wait for the response. Dying to know who it is.

Unknown Number: I'm Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson? Isn't he the kid in my film class? Why is he texting me?


28. epilogue

A/N I'm crying so hard 'cause I don't want this story to end so fudging bad.


I then start to hum a random tune, but immediately stop as an evil smirk comes across my face. "You know I won the deal." I say as she looks confused.

"What deal?" she asks trying to remember.

"The one were I take you out on a date." I say as she blushes a crimson color. She then loosens her grip and tells me to come closer to her. I come close and am immediately shocked as she presses her soft lips onto mine. I kiss back as my arms wrap around her waist, as hers wrap around my neck deepening the kiss.

We then pull away for some air and we both say 'Wow' at the same time. The kiss was absolutely amazing and breathtaking. "I've waited so long to call you mine." I whisper in her ear as she smirks.

"And now you can." she says as we kiss again.

"About bloody time!" we hear a raspy deep voice shout. We pull away and see all the boys standing there with there phones in their hands as they snap pictures.

"No flash photography!" I joke as Zayn rolls his eyes and says, "Fine, Bea can flash us later."

Bea then grabs her purse and smacks Zayn hard on the head. "Not again!" he screams as Bea starts chasing him on the front lawn. I then look away and see my mum's car pulling up into our driveaway. My sisters and her then hop out of the vehicle and run to me, giving me bone crushing hugs.

"Dan told me what happened, my brave boy!" says my mum as she peppers my cheeks with kisses. I chuckle as I say, "Hi mum."

"Oh my God it's Bea!" shouts Fizzy as her and Lottie run and tackle Bea to the ground with hugs. She laughs it off with them, but my attention is then grabbed when my Daisy and Phoebe ask who Bea is. "Mum, girls Bea is my-"

"Girlfriend!" shout Fizzy and Lottie as my mum smiles at me, while the twins make kissy faces at me.

"So have you tied the knot yet?" asked Phoebe as my mum scolds her and says, "Of course he hasn't young lady! Unless he..."

My eyes widened and I said, "Oh God no mum! I won't do that until after marriage!" I cross my fingers behind my back. Hey a man has his needs!

Bea then walks over to us and says, "Hi nice to meet you Ms. Tomlinson."

My mum grabs her into a bone crushing hug and says, "Please call me Jay for short, and my goodness you're so gorgeous! Our Louis has found such a lovely girl!"

"Yeah. I guess I have." I say with a smile as I wrap my arm around Bea's shoulder.


Bea's POV

"You ready yet?" I heard Louis shout as I adjusted my bracelets and proudly smiled for I have been cut free for a year to be exact.

"Yeah." I reply in a whispered tone as I open my bedroom door and walk out. In the hallway I see Louis in black dress pants, suspenders, a white dress shirt with a black jacket held in his hands. I look at his face to see he finally got a haircut after hearing him complain about it for a month, and a nice smooth shaven face. I walk up to him in my black converse and peck his cheek as he opens his eyes and looks at me.

"Wow." he gasps as I blush a crimson red.

"You look incredible." he says as I blush even more and reply with 'shut up' and a flirty smirk.

"Shall we go m'lady?" he asks as I grab his hand and intertwine our hands.

"We shall." I reply as we walk down the stairs.


"Bea! Louis!" shouts a feminine voice as we turn around. It was Hallie, my best friend, who had just moved back about two months ago, after finishing high school.

I straight on run and give her a hug saying, "I know it's been two months since you've been back, but I missed you so much!"

We then break the hug as she says, "Oh shut up you're going to make my mascara run!" I rolled my eyes at her and said, "Girl you don't need any makeup you look great the way you are."

I then felt a hand on the back of my waist as I see Louis smiling and giving Hallie a side hug. "You guys just make the cutest couple!" she squeals as Louis and I smile at each other.

"Well now if you'll excuse me I have to go back to my date." she says as we wave her off. "C'mon we have to go to the ceremony." I say as Louis nods and we head to the church doors.

We look around the church and see all the boys and Hallie sitting in the front seats. Louis and I then walk hand in hand to the back of the church behind the doors, where people were entering through. We waited there as the church got filled up. We then hear music and realize that we need to walk to the front of the aisle. I put my hand in his arm as the door were opened and the ring bear and flower girl begin to walk out. The flower girls, which were Louis' sisters, and their dates then walk out after them. Next was Louis and I, him as the best man and I as the maid of honor. We walk to the front of the aisle and stand there waiting for the bride and groom.

The groom, Dan, then comes up the aisle and waits for his bride with a confident and genuine smile. I look at Louis to see him staring at me and winking. I roll my eyes and try to hold my smile, but I couldn't, which made him smile even more.

The music then starts to change and the doors open, with Johannah walking through the aisle in her gorgeous wedding gown and lovely bouquet of flowers in her hands. She comes up to the pedestal and stands next to me, as she hands me her bouquet and I gladly accept it.

The priest then begins to talk and I kind of drift off in my own thoughts. I look around the church to see my mom sitting in the middle rows with a smile on her face. I smile at her and think about a few months back. My parents got divorced 'cause my mom and dad disagreed if they should stop working around the world and if they should settle down. My mom decided it was time to be there for me, while my dad decided to continue working all over the world. I still love them both, but I wish my dad would visit or contact me more.

I then come out of my thoughts as the ring bear comes up and gives the rings. The bride and groom slip it onto each others fingers and look at the priest. The priest then says, "You may now kiss the bride."

I look away knowing Louis would make a flirty joke or pull a funny face as they kiss. I look to see the other boys and Hallie doing those faces to me and I blush a crimson red. I then look back when I see the bride and groom running down the aisle. Everyone starts to file out quickly and all the girls run waiting to catch Johannah's bouquet. I laugh about it with Louis and walk out the church, but as I was about to go down the steps with him, I notice the bouquet come to me. Oh shit, I'm going to be attacked.

The flowers then land into my hands and I blush a crimson red when everyone starts wolf whistling and cheering. Louis just stands next to me smirking as he says, "We'll have the best honeymoon ever!"

Everyone starts to chuckle and giggle as I slightly slap him on the shoulder. My mom then walks up to me and jokes, "Well you finished high school and are graduating college sooner then needed, so I don't see why you shouldn't get married."

My eyes nearly fell out of their sockets as Louis starts doing a happy dance, while my mom walks down the steps. Jesus Christ I catch some flowers and now Louis is going to be making jokes about this. Well played mom, well played...


"I'm so full." says Niall as all our heads turn to look at him. Our reactions were all the same, shocked.

"Oh my God." says Liam as he starts to check Niall temperature with his hands.

"He's not sick." says Liam as everyone gasps. Niall rolls his eyes at us and smirks as Hallie shouts 'Code red!'

"Where's the real Niall?" jokes Zayn as Harry laughs. Harry then pats Niall on the back and fist bumps with him.

I roll my eyes and laugh as I text Louis on my phone, even though he's sitting right next to me with  our pinkys intertwined.

Lewis: change my contact name

Me: no

Lewis: ugh id say i hate u, but i wud b lying

Me: awe

Me: i hate u

Me: simple as that

Lewis: well....


Lewis: love u babe

Me: love u too batch

Lewis: what am i gonna do wit u?

Me: i hear that a lot

"Bea!" shouts someone as I feel a tight hug around my shoulders. I turn around to see Kaname and... Nick?

"Hi guys!" I say as I feel Louis tense a bit from seeing Kaname.

"Bea, I promised I would introduce you to my boyfriend, and now you can. Bea this is Kaname, Kaname-" he got cut off by Kaname saying, "We know each other babe, were friends."

Kaname's gay? Wow I had no idea. I then look at Louis to see his face flushed in embarrassment as I smirk.

"I didn't know you were-" he cuts me off saying, "Gay? Yeah I realized I was gay about a year and a half ago." he said with a huge smile. Well now Louis wouldn't go all overprotective boyfriend mode on me.

"Awe! Well I hope the best in your future and relationship." I say giving them both hugs. We then break apart and I see Louis had sent me a text. The boys then leave to their table as I sit down and open my text.

Lewis: meet me outside the tent iin like 2 min

Me: kk


I peek out the tent entrance and walk out as everyone continues to party in there. I walk around the tent and stop when I see Louis standing there looking into the woods by the church. I walk over and wrap my arm around his waist as he does the same with me. He then lets go and says, "I love you."

"I love you too." I say again like we always do for the past six months.

"Which is why..." he gets down on one knee and pulls out a small black box. "I want you, Bea Tonkins, to become Bea Tomlinson. So will you marry me?" he asks as I put my hand over my mouth and nod.

He smiles as he slips the beautiful golden ring on my ring finger. He then stands up and tackle him into a hug as he hugs back. He kisses my forehead as tears of joy run down my face. I then cup his cheeks and kiss him with such passion.

When we break apart I say, "Bea Tomlinson. Has a nice ring to it."

He then laughs and says, "You're the best."


A/N It ended!!!! Oh My God! Btw sorry if the epilogue was crappy, I feel like I rushed into it, but at the same i feel relieved that I finished. Anyways please vote and comment and thank you so much for the support messagers! I love you so much and OMG IT'S 2015!!


Thank you!

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