Unknown Number: You're beautiful.

Who the hell sent that? And I'm not beautiful. How do they even know what I look like? I then sigh and text back.

Me: Um, who's this?

I silently wait for the response. Dying to know who it is.

Unknown Number: I'm Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson? Isn't he the kid in my film class? Why is he texting me?


18. eighteen

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"Wow that was a total douchebag thing they did." he said as I nodded in agreement.

"I just wish they wouldn't lie to me. Maybe if they didn't I would've considered them as friends." I continued yapping about as Kaname mumbled, "Yeah."

He then walks over to the register to put in all the money he earned from and said, "I'll probably be employee of the month thanks to you."

I laughed and said, "You're welcome!"

I then laid my head down onto the bar as I got headache from all the eating and shit. As I close my eyes and breathe slowly I feel a hand on my shoulder. I grab the hand quickly twist the person's body saying, "Get away you creep!"

"I'm not a creep!" squeaked a familiar voice. I then let go of the stranger and see that it was Louis.

"Aw shit." I mumbled as I ran to the girl's bathroom. I opened a stall and probably threw up my guts.


Bea's POV

After five minutes of throwing up pretty much everything I've probably eaten this week. I finally stand up and flush the toilet making all the vomit go away.

"Ew gross..." I said as I walked out of the stall and towards the sink. I turn the faucet on and splash water on my face. The only problem was I didn't realize how hot the water was. My skin burned and I started mumbling, "Fuck, that stings!"

I reach over to the wall grab a paper towel and dry off my face and hands. I open my eyes and sigh as I walk over to the trash can and throw away the wet towel. I then open the door and walk out of the restroom with my head held high. I wasn't going to show Louis how vulnerable and weak I am in this state. As I walk back to the bar I notice that he's sitting down by the counter with his head in his hands and his elbows resting on the counter. I walk over to the counter to grab my stuff, as I was about to walk out, someone gripped onto my wrist. I turned around to see it was Louis thought it was pretty obvious it was him.

"Let go of me." I threatened as he didn't do anything. I felt his grip get a little tighter, but I didn't let it affect me.

"Let me go or I swear you'll regret it." I threatened again as he still didn't do anything. He was lost in his own thought, probably making up some lie or stupid excuse on why I should forgive him. Sounds like a typical man if you ask me.

I then let out a frustrated sigh and pull my arm close to my mouth. I open my mouth and bite hard on to his hand. He yelped and let go immediately. Now was my chance, I hang my bag over my shoulder and run out of there like there's no tomorrow.

"Bye Kaname!" I shout as I open the front door and leave the warehouse. I start to run down the street and towards the park where I found a couple of benches at. I was absolutely breathless and needed to take a break from all the running. I looked back to see no sign of Louis, I then shrug my shoulders and sit on the closest bench near me. As I sit I take my phone out of my bag and turn it on. I see a lot of messages from Louis and a couple from the other boys.

ZaynTheMaleBeyonce: mockingjay sux

HazzaBear: no it didnt

Nialler: i liked it

ZaynTheMaleBeyonce: u fell asleep throughout the movie

Nialler: thats wat butter popcorn does to ya

Liliam: idiots

I then come out of the group chat and check to see Louis' messages. It was mostly apologies and what the fuck? Did he really just type 'cum back'?

I roll my eyes at his texts, but at the same I can't help myself from laughing. I then sigh and decide to reply back to him.

Me: I will only talk to u when u tell me the truth

Me: and really? 'cum back'?

Me: Nasty ass boy

ButtfaceTommo: ok

ButtfaceTommo: ill meet with u l8r

Me: swagever buttface

ButtfaceTommo: oh hell naw

ButtfaceTommo: change my name back!

Me: no this is ur punishment

ButtfaceTommo: ugh #FML

Me: weirdo

ButtfaceTommo: says the one who give weird contact names

Me: fack u

Me: fuck* stupid autocorrect


ButtfaceTommo: no but if u want ill bend u over a table at school and we could do the dirty


ButtfaceTommo: wat u offered it!

Me: i hate you

ButtfaceTommo: luv u 2 boo!

I smile to myself as I turn my phone off and stuff it back into my bag. I decide to take some of my candy out and see that I have a Twix bar in there.

"Yass." I whisper to myself as I open the bag and take one out. I bite into it and continue looking through my bag.


I look down at the floor and see my Marlboro cigarettes lying there face flat. I quickly pick it up and hold it in my hands making sure no one saw it. I then sigh in relief and look at the packet. Maybe I should drag one? No! I can't it's bad for me!

I think back to the time where Louis stayed over for the night and I had that horrible nightmare. I shake my head with my eyes closed and feel my hand start shake. I then open my eyes and get up. I get the box and go to the closest trash bin. I raise my hand over it and throw it in the trash can.

"Now I just need to get rid of the ones at home." I whisper to myself.

I then hear my ringtone and grab my bag from the bench. I take out my phone and see a text from Liam.

Liliam: louis told me wat happened

Me: oh ok

Liliam: we cool tho?

Me: if he doesnt lie 2 me then ya

Liliam: cool


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