Perfect Imperfections

Delia is a girl that no one notices. Or maybe she's wrong about that. Delia finds out that an online dating website can change her life.


2. Chapter Two

"I'm ready" I say to Kelsey. I wore a flowy navy blue shirt with flowers on it. And some high waisted bright red shorts that strayed at the bottom. Kelsey was wearing the same but with khacki shorts.

"Cool! We are matching! I need a night out." Kelsey squealed. I have to say I was very excited for this. We get in the car and Kelsey turns on music. I recognize the name as the man introduces the band. The man introduced everybody first as Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. I alms ö squealed when I hear this. They were really good and called themselves One Direction. Kelsey understood why I squealed, she has a crush on Niall. We reach the bakery in no time. We walk in and I freak out. Why? Because I'm an idiot. I totally forgot about Harry working in the bakery. All the other boys were in there too. Everybody talking to each other. Except Liam. He was staring at me. Like I was from another planet. I brush it off and look to Kelsey. I ask what she wants.

"Ummm, I think I want the chocolate cupcake with blueberry frosting."

"That sounds good I'm gonna get that too." I reply we go up to order and I shyly tell Harry what we want. He eyes us and tells the cool what we want. He then replies and starts to speak.

"You are Delia right?" Harry asks.

"Yep that's me."

"Which means you are Kelsey?"

"Oh yeah, that's me." She replied.

"Well I'm Harry and over there is Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn." I wave at them and they all turn around and holler things like "wassup" and "vas happenin".

"Well I guess we will see you around then. We gotta go get dresses for the dance." I finally say. Kelsey nods and we walk out with our order. We get to the car and immediately start screaming.

"Oh my god!!! I can't believe that just happened." I yell.

"Me either. Did you see Liam eyeing you."

"Nah he wasn't eyeing me but Niall definitely was you!" I reply.

We finally calm down and get to the mall. We walk to American Fancy, and start looking for dresses. After hours of looking I finally find the perfect one. It's blue tube with a green tutu type of bottom. Kelsey found a matching one except it was pink with purple at the bottom. We check out, our total coming to $467.38. We were really excited about the dresses, now we just need a date. We reach my house and I offer for her to stay over. This has been one of the best night I have had in a while. I actually felt noticed for once.

"Mom! Kelsey is staying the night tonight!" I yell across the house.

"Okay but don't stay up to late!" She yelled back. We ran up to my room and collapsed on my bed. I turned on Fairly Odd Parents and we were asleep in minutes.

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