Perfect Imperfections

Delia is a girl that no one notices. Or maybe she's wrong about that. Delia finds out that an online dating website can change her life.


3. Chapter Three

My alarm goes off and I wake up. Slowly remembering the night before I become happy again. I yell at Kelsey to wake up and she jumps up, startled.

"OMg! What if Harry and them say something to us again today! I swear I will die." Kelsey squeals.

"Me too. I want them too so bad. Oh and do you wanna leave Hannah out of this."

"Definitely." She replied. I was happy to know we were thinking the same thing. That Hannah will mess up this whole thing. We get dressed in a total of thirty minutes and we were ready. We walk to school and I remember something.

" Kelsey I just remembered, the boys walk the same way we do every morning. Louis moved down the road last week!" I almost yell in excitement.

"Are you serious? Dels don't mess with..." Kelsey stop when she sees them walking out. Harry notices us and waves.

"Hey Delia, Kelsey, come on, catch up!" Harry yells to us. Me and Kelsey speed up half jogging to catch up.

"Um hey Harry." I say.

"Hey so whatcha doin over here?"

"I live over there." I say sheepishly.

"Really Harry? We saw her walking yesterday ya dumbo." Niall spoke up. I could hear Kelsey's heart as it nearly burst out of her. We were all talking but Liam just stayed quiet, laughing at Harry's horrible jokes. The day went on and soon it was lunch time. We pass Hannah and sit down with the boys. I got a dirty look from Hannah but I didn't care. She can be mad all she wants, she hated me anyway.

~ flashback ~

"You are just a worthless piece of shit. You know that right? Now get you fat lazy self up and get out of here." Hannah yelled as she kicked my gut. " and so help me if you tell anyone about this your life will be miserable."

I lie there. On the cold floor. I watch her leave and stay there sobbing until time to go. Nobody ever knew about that. And nobody ever will.

~ end flashback ~

We talk for a while until the boys get up. The bell rings and we all split. I actually am starting to like school. Only one problem. Liam. All he does is stare at me and I'm getting worried he hates me or something. I have a huge crush on him but I don't think he feels the same way. I know what I have to do. I have to get on an internet dating source. I find one called "single and ready to mingle" and put in my info

Name: Delia Thompson

Age: 18

Username: sexythompson

Password: ••••••

About me: I'm a tall blonde with bright blue eyes. I'm a senior in high school and I love Twisted Sister and 5 Seconds Of Summer. I watch the Simpsons and I'm a taylord. I'm more of a tomboy I guess... I prefer sweatpants over skinny jeans anyday so yeah, that's me.


I join and am automatically trying to hook up with someone named i_sing_with_a_human_fridge_.I read their bio and it says they aren't looking for love, just a friend with some advice. I figured I could help him out so I slid it right and texted him.

Me: so you said you needed advice?

Him: Yeah... I sorta think I like this girl, but I think she is falling for my best friend.

Me: oh, I get it, what you need to do is get her alone. Like schedule a day out with her and your friends but don't tell them. Then when she gets there tell her your friends cancelled. That way you get to spend some time alone with her. Don't ask her out! You will sound desperate! Once you take her home after y'all's day out you get her number. After a few more days, maybe even a week or two, you need to make sure you talk to her. After that, finally tell her how you really feel. If she likes you back then take her on a picnic. If not then make a joke out of it. Like yell screw you and pretend to run away crying. As long as she laughs you'll be okay but hopefully she'll like you back.

Him: ok thx! That's good advice I'll try that. We need to keep in touch tho. You seem really cool.

Me: sure I gotta go ttyl.

I stop for the night. I shut my computer and fall asleep.

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