Perfect Imperfections

Delia is a girl that no one notices. Or maybe she's wrong about that. Delia finds out that an online dating website can change her life.


1. Chapter One

I don't wanna go to school today. Or tomorrow. Or any other day. The reason is simple. Nobody cares about me. I have no friends at school. I'm just normal old Delia with no friends. Yeah, I'm loser of the school. Another reason is because my mega-crush is there. He is in every single one of my classes. Yay. He is just so great though. He is really cute and even has the perfect name. Liam Payne. He's one of the popular kids though so he will never notice loser girl. Which just so happens to be the one and only me. I walk to school like always. Boring as usual, but I notice something different. There he was. Walking with his four best friends. Liam James Payne. He was walking around thirty feet in front of us. I couldn't help but stare. Every time one of his friends looked back I would look at my phone so they wouldn't know I was staring. I reached the school and sat down at my desk. Now for the day. I couldn't wait to get home so I could talk to my friend Angel. She doesn't live in Ohio anymore, she moved to Maine. I talk to Angel every night for like four hours. The day passed and soon it was lunch. I hated lunch. Yeah, I had a group I sat with but they weren't really my friends. I sit down with Hannah and Kelsey. They talk for a while about a bakery down the road. Finally I speak up.

"We should go to the bakery tonight." I suggested.

"Yeah that'd be fun! And we can go to the mall to pick out a dress for the dance next month." Piped up Kelsey. Kelsey was kinda a friend but I do t really like Hannah. Kelsey knows that so she doesn't ever push us together in anything. If it weren't for Hannah me and Kelsey would be friends.

"Actually I can't come. I have plans tonight with some family." Hannah replied. I was glad that it would be just me and Kelsey. The bell rang and we said bye before we made our separate ways. I was happy leaving lunch for once. The ret of the day went by pretty fast. I was relieved when I got home. I slowly got ready and by the the time Kelsey got to my house.


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