You Dont Know Me (A.I. Vampire)

Vampire Ashton Irwin meets Human Ellie Coleman when he instantly is drawn to her. Follow Ashton and Ellie on a crazy journey of hatrid and love


6. Chapter 5

Ashton POV:

"Cause, you don't know me." I said.

"Well how can i get to know you so you can tell me your secret." She asked.

"How about you come over to my place, you can meet my friends." I said.

She nodded and we got ready. It may be night time but we can still go out. We walked over and i opened the door when i heard a moaning sound. I rolled my eyes and closed Ellie's ears. She laughed and i kicked the wall.

"The fuck?" I heard.

I turned the light on and Calum was sitting there with a girl, her neck with bite marks and blood. I quickly turned Ellie and Calum ran out and burried her. He walked back in and she sighed.

"Lads!" I yelled.

They ran down and stood there.

"This is Ellie, Ellie this is Calum, Michael and Luke." I said.

"Hello." She said.

"Hey..." They said.

I smiled and lead her up to my room. We got in and we sat on my bed.

"So, tell me about yourself." She said.

"My name is Ashton Feltcher Irwin, i'm 18 years old and i'm from Australia." I said.

"Well thats not a lot but my name is Ellie Analise Coleman i'm 17 and i'm from here, London." She said.

"Anything else?" I asked.

"Yes... whats your secret? Your cold and when you kissed me you caused my lip to bleed which i dont know how unless you have strong and sharp teeth. You ran off when we were in the bathroom right before i found out i was on my lady thing." She said.

"I can't tell you." I said.

"Why not?" She asked.

"Because your not gonna believe me." I said.

"Ash... i will." She said.

"Fine, come with me." I said.

We walked to the basement and to the cooler.

"Why are we in the basement?" She asked.

"Open this." I said handing her a blood bag.

"Why?" She asked.

"Just open it." I said.

She opened it and when the scent hit my nose i felt my fangs come out and saw my eyes turn red. I heard the bag drop and Ellie's eyes wide.

"Oh...My...God." She said.

"Ellie.." I said getting closer.

"D...Don't hurt me." She stuttered.

"I wont." I said.

I took her hands in mines and sighed.

"I will never hurt you Ellie." I said.

She sighed and hugged me.

"You're a vampire. What if you kill me." She said.

"I would never kill you." I said.

"Promise?" She asked.

"I promise Ellie." I said.

She looked at me and smiled. I smiled when she fully kissed me. I was surprised but kissed back. I love kissing her cause when i do it feels like only us on the 4th of july fireworks going on and kissing her. She released when there were growls. We turned and there stood the lads being held by the Vampire Council. I pushed Ellie behind me and intertwined our fingers.

"Ashton Irwin, you broke the code and told that thing your secret." Damon said.

"She's not a 'thing', her name is Ellie and it is now my job to protect her." I said.

"Well now she has to transform. You know the rules, a mortal finds out, they become a immortal." Trevor said.

"I will not let that happen to her." I said.

"Well then... I'm letting you off one Irwin." Damon said as he let go the boys and they ran off.

"What the fuck Ashton." Calum said.

"We could have got killed." Luke said.

"I'm sorry okay. I just think it was time for Ellie to know." I said.

"Well at least you care for her. You know it's now your job to protect her." Michael said.

"I know i said that." I said.

They walked away and i turned.

"Ashton, promise me you will never leave me." She said.

"I can't promise that." I said.

She sighed and walked out. God i'm stupid.

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