You Dont Know Me (A.I. Vampire)

Vampire Ashton Irwin meets Human Ellie Coleman when he instantly is drawn to her. Follow Ashton and Ellie on a crazy journey of hatrid and love


3. Chapter 2

Ashton POV:

Man that was close. I smelt the Squirrel and felt my fangs come out. Yes i am a vampire. And i try really hard to not show it and keep people safe but i just sometimes get hungry and suck peoples blood. I walked back and looked at Ellie. She was just staring foward as i read her mind.

'Whats up with him? Does he have a thing agains squirrels?'

I chuckled softly and we arrived back to her house. We walked in and her mom and my mom were talking. Her older sister on the phone and her dad cooking. I waved 'hi' and her sister stood up and came to me.

"Hi Ash..." She said.

"Hi..." I said.

"Why don't i give you a tour of the house?" She asked.

"Oh uh okay..." I said.

She pulled me up and she looked at me.

"Damn your cold." She said.

"Yeah it was cold outside and Ellie was cold." I said.

"Ugh dont mind her. She thinks she's all that." She said.

No she's not. She's beautiful. I think i love her. Well anyways we saw her parents room and the bathroom. We were now going to Ellie's room. She opened the door and it was a nice room. There was a bed, a window with a bench, the bathroom, walk in closet, tv, radio, i pod dock with speakers.

"I have to show you something." She said.

We walked in her bathroom and she opened a droor revealing pills.

"Whats this?" I asked.

"Long time ago when she was 15 she tried to overdose on pills because her ex boyfriend threatend her and tried to drug her." She said.

I was listening to her talking when the door opened and a stunned Ellie standing there.

"What the fuck are you guys doing in here, get out!" She yelled.

Cathrine got out and Ellie closed the droor and locked it when she turned.

"What are you still doing here?" She asked.

"Sorry." I said.

She looked in the mirror and my reflection was going off and on. She looked at me and i walked out to her bed.

"Whats going on?" She asked.

"Nothing..." I said.

She nodded and sat on her bed.

"Oh here..." She said handing me the jacket.

"No it's okay, keep it." I said.

"Oh, thanks." She said.

She hung it up when i smelt something. I sniffed in and it was her blood. I felt my fangs when i quickly got up and sighed.

"You ok?" She asked.

"Yeah... Sorry." I said.

"No it's cool." She said.

I walked out and downstairs out the door. I'm going home.

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