You Dont Know Me (A.I. Vampire)

Vampire Ashton Irwin meets Human Ellie Coleman when he instantly is drawn to her. Follow Ashton and Ellie on a crazy journey of hatrid and love


11. Chapter 10

Ashton POV:

I sighed and i tried to angle myself at the animal. I ran and sunk my fangs in its neck. I drank the delicious red substance and got up. I ran home and saw Ellie. She turned and her eyes went wide.

"What?" I asked.

"You gotta little something on your face." She said.

I wiped my mouth and it was blood. I nodded and wiped my mouth. Ellie groaned in discust and sat on the couch. I walked over and kissed her head.

"You know i'll never let anything happen to you right?"I asked.

"Yeah." She said.

I smiled and pecked her lips when the door flung open. Oh my god...

"Hello sexy..." I heard.

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