1. Un-comfortable

I stand in the mirror of my bathroom in my school uniform, jeans and a white polo. First day of the tenth grade. Summer vacation was really rough on me, so I was happy to get back to my best friend Dylan. He was my rock. We've been through all types of situations together. Starting in the third grade we were always what some may call the "troublemakers". I mean, don't get me wrong, we aren't angels. Far from it actually. We both have tempers and we tend to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. For example, in third grade I may have put a thumbtack on the teacher's chair. That teacher hated me, so automatically she turns to me. Dylan jumped in and took a major bullet for me. I would have had detention, no doubt. So we've been best friends ever since. I do one last once over in the mirror before taking a selfie and posting it to Instagram. I check the clock. 6:15. I make my way downstairs and say my goodbyes. I walk to the bus stop alone. I really hope this year will be better than the last, but it's middle school and the names stick. I don't speak to anyone as my bus comes arrives on the corner. I slowly make my way onto the bus and hear a few pleasant comments. "Angel! I missed you this summer!" "Ang? OMG it is you! You look great!" I return smiles and waves when I spotted Dylan. "RIVERA!" I yelled as I made my way to his seat. "SMITH!"  We caught up on the bus ride. He gave me a bracelet from Puerto Rico and our bus finally pulls up at the school. Dylan shoots me a look of terror when the bus comes to a stop. Last year was a hard year for us, to say the VERY least, but I won't get into that now.  All of the tenth grade was told to meet in the gym. Once we were settled we compared our schedules. It was no surprise that we had every class together. For the most part our teachers were nice and the classes ran smoothly. At lunch I had went through the line, picked up a Greek salad with a water and picked up the tab for Dylan's lunch as well as mine.  As we were walking back to what was called the "bad-ass" table, I saw Ciara A.K.A. The wicked bitch of the west(side of the cafeteria) A.K.A my girlfriend trip a girl with her head down. The girl stumbled and caught her balance. As soon as I opened my mouth to say something to Ciara, her servants walked in front of the girl spraying water onto the tile that she would soon walk on. Dylan was about to yell a warning of some kind before she slipped and I got a face full of spaghetti. I decided to skip lunch and go take a shower in the girls locker room. I realized that people were staring so being the stupid person that I am tries to run off and ends up slipping in the same puddle that the girl with the spaghetti had slipped in not two minutes earlier. From the floor I could tell that she was mildly attractive, I mean minus the lettuce, cheese and ranch dressing that was on her face and in her hair. That's when I realized that she must be new to this hell-hole that they call a school. I grabbed her hand and practically dragged her out of the sea of laughter and insults. Taking a short cut around the back of the school to get to the gym I figured that I would attempt to start a conversation. "Wow. Are your shoes really that interesting?" She silently shook her head. "OK. Since your obviously new here, I'm gonna share a very important piece of information with you so pay attention."  Once I got a nod, I continued. " If you want respect you need to fight for it, otherwise the kids in this school will give you as much respect as they give the gum on the bottom of their shoe. Find the right group of friends and stick with them. You need to walk these halls like you own them and eventually you won't need to ask people to move because your attitude will move them for you. It's like the food chain, you either eat or be eaten. Got it?"  I got another nod out of her before we reached the locker room. I turned on the showers and grabbed my two of the extra shirts that I had in my locker. I tossed one to her, but she was staring at her feet like they were going to leave her at any second. "Listen, I want to apologize for Ciara. She's a bitch when other people are around, but she can be really sweet sometimes." I heard a barley audible "It's ok. I'm just not used to this." "You know, I never caught your name." I said hoping to get something out of her this time. "Nia" She said.

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