2. The Date

Ciara and I are complete opposites. I mean that very literally. She's pale with blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm more tan with jet black hair and dark brown eyes. She likes pink and purple. I like red and black. She prefers the day and I prefer night. I think you get the idea. We've been dating for a few months. No one really knows about us, because Ciara isn't ready. I'm ok with that. I go to her house with a few movies and A LOT of popcorn. I made sure to bring all of my favorites. The Conjuring, The Shining, Halloween 1-3, The Exorcist, and Finding Nemo. Ok so I'm a sucker for Disney movies, sue me. She lets me in and we go to her room. We had watched all of the movies and we were re-watching Nemo when I decided to ask about what happened at lunch. "CC?" "Yeah Anj?" "Today at lunch, you tripped that new girl. Why?" "That's simple. I needed to make sure people knew that I was still on top. Three months out of school and everyone falls out of line." "So, because of your ego this new girl could have hurt herself. She didn't but she did manage to ruin my top and I slipped in the water too." I was starting to get annoyed. "Why do you care so much Anj? It's not like she matters." "I care because you know how I feel about bullying and she seems like a nice girl." "Oh yeah, I heard that you helped her. You can't do that. We need to be on the same page. You don't talk, speak, think, or even look at her again, ok?" "You can't tell me what to do. Like I said she seems nice and that's why I'm hanging out with her Friday night. It's not like you would do anything about it." To say I have a problem with authority would be an understatement. "Ciara, last year I told you that this bullying needed to stop if you wanted to continue hanging out. I honestly don't know what  to do now. I think I need to go. Don't call me, don't text me ok? If I want to talk I'll call you." And with that I left. I could already tell that this would be a LONG school year.

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