6. Talks and Twizzlers

"So Angel, how long have you known Maddie? I mean, I don't recall her ever talking about you" Demi asked.

"Erm...That depends. What time is it?" I asked gaining a little confidence knowing that this wouldn't be  a she-talks-I-listen conversation. She checked the clock.

"It's 8:20. Why? You have a date or something?" She asked sarcastically. I am fluent in sarcasm. It's my first language. Not one to be outdone I decided to be bilingual for a few minutes.

"Actually Demi, I do have a date with this super hot girl that I met like twenty minutes ago. Her name's Madison. I mean, if you haven't met her she's standing in your living room right now. I'd gladly introduce you two." I fired back. I heard a giggle and knew that Madison had been listening.

"You know what Demi, scratch that. She's standing by the door listening to us. Aren't you Madison?" I said

"What? No I'm not listening to you guys talk about how hot I am." She said through the door.

"See Angel she's not listening." Demi said as she winked at me and I knew exactly what to do.

"Hey Angel, make sure you take Maddie to see Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones. She'll piss her pants." Demi said looking at the door.

"Wait, she still does that?" I asked knowing exactly where this was going

"Nope not since she was in diapers. Speaking of Maddie in diapers would you like to see her baby pictures?" She asked. By now we were both trying to stifle our giggles.

"Noooo!" Madison yelled as she ran through the door, only to see us rolling on the floor laughing. She blushed beet red.

"I mean, Angel why don't we get going?" She said as she tried to compose herself.

"Alright, I'll meet you outside." I replied. As she left the kitchen, I turned back to Demi.

"You know what Angel? You remind me of myself. A sarcastic smart-ass that looks great in leather." She said with a smile as she walked me to the door.

"Well then I hope I get the chance to get to know you better, but right now? Your sister's waiting on me. You know I can't keep the ladies waiting. I mean I know I'm irresistible, but even I can't do that to 'em" I said smirking.

"Get out of here smart-ass." She pushed me out the door with a laugh.



"Well it took you long enough!" Madison said pouting. She looked so cute!

"C'mon, Mads! You still upset about the baby pictures?" I asked mirroring her pout.

"No! I'm just ready to go, that's all." She said quickly

"Whatever you say Mads. Here, put this on. Your sister already scared me once tonight. Don't want that happening again now do we?" I asked handing her my helmet.

"Fine, but it'll mess up my hair." She said taking the helmet.

"Hold on to my waist and no matter what DO NOT let go, okay?" I told her speaking very slowly so that it was clear.

"Got it!" She said as she held a death grip around my waist.

"Okay, here we go" I kick started it and we were off.


We got there and I bought us two tickets for Frozen. We walked up to the candy counter and Madison was crying with laughter.

"I'm serious! And that's why my grandmother is banned from all Chuck-E-Cheese's across the United States." I said as I admired her laugh. It was like a mix between Demi's laugh and Selena's laugh, but it was so...Maddie.

"So you mean to tell me that at your 4th Birthday party you were running from the mouse, fell and busted your lip. Then your Grandma ripped off his tail and beat him with it?" She asked still laughing

"How may I help you?" The cashier at the candy counter rudely interrupted. Maddie immediately went silent and scooted closer to me. I could tell she was uncomfortable and it made me mad.

"Gimmie a sec, my dude." I said turning to Maddie. "Get whatever you want" I said to her

"I don't wanna talk to him. He keeps looking at me funny. Can you order Twizzlers?" She asked me. I turned back to the cashier guy and he was drooling over Maddie.

"Hey! Before I order I'ma need you to stop looking at my girl here, before I gotta call my boys to come bust a cap in yo' ass. You feel me?" I asked. Did I mention I'm from the Bronx? Yeah, this won't end well. He looked at me with wide eyes before I continued.

"The lady wants Twizzlers, homeboy. So get 15 packs and two Dr. Peppers, pronto." I said looking at my watch as he scrambled to get everything that I had asked for. I turned back to Madison and she was biting her lip and looking back at me. Oh my god that lip-bite!

"That'll be $35:57, miss." He said trembling.

"Well it took you long enough. Maybe you should work on your manners as this could have all been easily avoided if your mother had taught that it's rude to stare." I said as I was dragged off to the screening room by Maddie.

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