7. Sleeping Over

"Angel, what the hell was that?" Madison asked as we walked to the back row

"What was what?" I asked trying my best to sound sweet and innocent

"That guy at the counter almost pissed his pants." She said laughing

"He deserved it." I replied as we took our seats

"Are you from New york? I noticed that accent you had when you were talking to the guy." She asked curiously.

"Yeah. I was born in Brooklyn, raised in the Bronx." I told her

"Mmhm."She hummed and when I looked at her she was doing that lip bite again.

"Well, the bottom line is...it was hot." She whispered in my ear as the lights dimmed.  "Very hot."

This is going to be a long movie.


It's was cold when we had walked out of the movie theater. Madison was shivering so I handed her my jacket.

"Here." I said putting my jacket over her shoulders.

"No. It's freezing out here. You'll get sick." She said handing it back

"Well Madison, some people are worth freezing for." I said waiting for her to catch on.

"Oh I see what you did there." She said smiling.

"C'mon. Let's get you home. I don't want Demi to kill me for keeping you out too late." I said walking her to the bike. "Here's your helmet. And don't forget to hang on."

I started my bike and set off towards the De La Garza residence.


 "Madison, it's past curfew. You're lucky Demi went to the store, because you would've been so dead."  A girl that resembled both Madison and Demi said. I guessed she was the oldest sister.

"Oh hi. You must be Angel. I'm Dallas, Maddie and Dem's sister." She said ignoring my outstreached hand and giving me a hug.

"Yeah, that would be me." I said. 

"Hey Dallas, can Angel stay over tonight? It would be so much fun. She can tell her stories, which are hilarious BTW and we can braid her hair. I mean, look at this stuff. You can't tell me that you don't want to play in it." She said talking a mile a minute. Dallas proccessed what she said.

"I don't see why not."  She said and they both turned to me.

"Umm, Sure." I said not sure if I should be excited or worried.

Well this should be interesting...


We were all sitting on the couch, with Dallas beside me and Maddie on my lap. We were thinking about what we could do tonight.

"Well c'mon Maddie. Up you go." I said patting her knee.

"But you just went to the bathroom Anj." She whined. I heard Dallas chuckle.

"Well I was going to cook dinner, but if you don't want to get up then..." I started

"Fine. I'm up." She said pouting as she got off me.

"What'cha making, kiddo?" Dallas asked. "I mean you're only thirteen and you can cook?"

"Puh-lease! I've been using a stove since I was eight. You guys want American food, right? As opposed to Indian food, because I can make that later."

"Okay then, what's on the menu chief Angel?" Maddie laughed

"I would make pasta, but I know that's one of Demi's trigger foods so... How does pepper steak sound?" I asked

They both looked at me shocked. Maddie smiled widely and Dallas did the same. Pepper steak it is!


"Guys, I'm home!" Demi yelled walking through the door

"In the kitchen!" Dallas yelled back.

"Something smells amazing." She replied walking through the doors to their kitchen.

"Thanks." I said. "Is pepper steak okay with you?" I asked.

"Yeah it's fine." She grumbled earning a glare from Dallas.

"Alright guys. Dinner is served." I said as we all sat down.


 "OMG! Anj this is amazing!" Maddie gushed

"It really is Angel!" Dallas said in agreement.

"Oh please Dallas, call me Anj." I said. It was weird being called by my full first name. I risked a glance at Demi to see that she was just staring at her food.

"Everything ok Demi? I mean, if you don't like it I'll make you something else." I offered.

"Why are you here? Why are you cooking? Why the hell are you being so nice?" Demi retorted.

"I, um, I was just, uh, I think I'll go now." I said as I stood and left the table.

"Anj, wait!" Dallas almost yelled. "Maddie take her upstairs and give her something to sleep in."

"Don't have to tell me twice. C'mon Anj, let's go." Maddie said as she dragged me upstairs.

Meanwhile Back In The Kitchen...

"Wow Dems. Just wow." Dallas said in shock.

"What?" Demi asked

"You made that poor kid feel so unwelcome. I mean seriously she did nothing to you." Dallas replied.

"Who said she was welcome in the first place? And why was she cooking? What if I just don't like pepper steak, huh Dal?" Demi screamed defensively.

"Okay one: I asked her to stay. Two: She offered to make us dinner. Three: She asked you if you wanted her to make you something else and you went off on the poor kid. You know what else Demi? She thought of you. When we asked her what she was making she started to say pasta, but she didn't. She remembered that it was a trigger food for you so she didn't." Dallas yelled back.

Demi was now sitting on the counter as Dallas stormed off.

"Ugh! FML!" Demi whispered under her breath


"I'm sorry about her Anj. She can be a real brat sometimes." Maddie said as we made our way to her room.

"It's fine Maddie. I'm..." I started but I was cut off by screaming in the kitchen

"You know what Anj? Lets get you changed." She said pulling me into her room.


I was wearing yoga pants and a tank top when we left Maddie's room. It was suprisingly very girly with pink wallpaper and furniture. We made our way down the hallway to the stairs. I stood at the first step before someone grabbed my arm and I was pulled back. I opened my eyes to see Madison's face inches away from mine. She leaned in and...


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