Heartbreak Girl

The girl isn't the way she seems


1. I Want Her

Luke's POV


I was walking down the street when I saw her. She was tall, dirty blonde hair, with bluish-green eyes. She was happy like the world couldn't get better. I was on my way to Calum's house for band practice. When I left she was running down the street crying. I didn't know she was but I recognized her from school. I always thought that she was hot but she has a boyfriend that is 2 grades above me so I never asked her out.



"Hey Cal. You know that girl that's a grade above us that has the dirty blond hair bluish-green eyes and that big ass boyfriend." I asked hoping he did. "Oh yeah I know who you means." he said looking at me strangely "Emily I friends with her. Her name is Kat. Why?"

"Yesterday on my way home from band practice she way running down the street crying." I said

Kat's POV


Yesterday I was on my way to the park and I saw a cute guy. I didn't say hi because I didn't know him. While I was at the park in my favorite tree my boyfriend called to break up with me. I ran down the street crying. I was on my way home to tell Nevaeh about it. Nevaeh is my bestfriend/roommate. She is tall with long slightly curly hair to the middle of her back, greyish-blue eyes, and loves ripped skinny jeans. I can tell her anything. She knows me like the back of her hand. Which is to say she knows everything about. By the way I'm 18.

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