Heartbreak Girl

The girl isn't the way she seems


2. BFF's and New Mistakes

Nevaeh's POV 

So yesterday Kat's boyfriend broke up with her. It was an emotional shit show. Crying, wall punching, swearing, and screaming. Who knew this much drama could be packed into 1 person. "Do you want me to go kill him?" I asked hoping she would feel better. "Yes please." She said. I looked at her like are you crazy. To be honest I thought she would say no. I got my coat on and went down to John's (Kat's ex) house and decked him.  He cried and I laughed.


Luke's POV

That girl was so happy on my way to Calum's, why was she was running down the street crying? She is so pretty even when she cries. I have to ask her out. Good thing it's early in the morning and today is the last day of school until next year. She's a few lockers down and noticed she was so pretty until yesterday.


It's time I'm nervous. She's so hot. You're Luke Robert Hemmings, you don't get nervous. "Hey. I couldn't help but notice but to see how beautiful you are. Would you like to go out sometime?" I said hoping I didn't look nervous. "Yeah sure. I'm free Friday." she said blushing a little. "Ok. see at 6:30. Wait where do you live?" I asked. "Do you know Emily Hood." "Yes I do. She's my friends sister." I said like she already knew it. "I live in the apartment building 4 doors down from there. Take the back door. Gotta go." then she gave me slip of paper with her cell number on it.

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