Meh-ny (Money)

Meh to MONEY!!!


1. why we are enslaved to money

It hurts to think about the pain of trade. When making the biggest purchase of life after house, you are trading your money to a complete stranger to own a car which you can drive for your security and convenience. Many times necessity in the suburbs of Illinois where you cannot rely on public transportation to get to work most of the time. You go to work because you have to make money. You have to make money because you heavily rely on and live in the market economy where you have to give money in exchange for food, housing, transportation, and social services. Purchase of car can push you to the extreme limit because there are a lot of rooms for ripping off another person for the sake of more money. If car is considered walking money, you want to own one that will have as little depreciation rate as possible and as little maintenance cost, running cost (gas), insurance cost, as little external loss(loan interest) as possible to ensure what you own is valued at the maximum you can get. If we did not have to rely on money, such stress factor as having to trade and negotiate a high $ property as cars could have been eliminated.

We have come too far with this money driven economy. With more money transactions, less trust and more stress factors.

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