Time for a change ( one direction / Shawn Mendes )

Naomi Martinez . A nerd. A reject. Everyone at school hates her for some reason. She gets bullied by one direction . But one day there's a new kid at school. He helps her build up her confidence and she finally stands up for herself .


1. Normal Day In HELL

Hi I'm Naomi Martinez. I'm 16  years old and I get  bullied by 5 guys , Harry ,Liam , Zayn, Niall , and Louis. I don't know why they hate me so much I never even said anything to them that I remember .They always call me names and hit me . 


Today is Monday . Yay school .I get up and go to my closet and get out my outfit :

 Then I walk into my bathroom and turn on the shower . Once the water is hot I jump in and wash my body , hair and my face.( Yes I wash my face in the shower 😊)After I'm done I step out and wrap my towel around me and go back into my room.I dry off and put my clothes on. Then I go back into the bathroom and dry my hair , and put some makeup on. When I'm done with that I head downstairs and get some toast , When in done with my toast I go back upstairs to my bathroom and brush my teeth. Then I get my backpack and my car keys and head for school.

Once I'm inside the school all hell breaks loose , all the name calling and being pushed down . I finally make my way to my locker and put my backpack inside and take some of my books out , until someone comes and pushed me on the floor . I look up and see that its that idiot , Harry Styles. 

"What do you want Harry " I say trying to pick up my books

"I want to make your life hell , isn't it obvious. " he says with a smirk.

" no you just push me around,  call me names and hit me for fun " I say 

And then SMACK . He just Slaped me . 


"And how am I a slut when I never even had sex or I never even wore a dress before , so you should not be calling me a slut you should call your little girlfriend one . " I say while pointing at this girlfriend while she has her tongue down some boys throat . 

He turns around and sees her and then back at me 

"this is not over " . he says then leaves.

I pick up my books and head to class .

The rest of the day went good I haven't seen my bullies so that's good

When the last bell rings I head ffor my car and go home . basically live by myself since my dad is always on business trips , he a doctor that goes all around the world to help people . He left me lots of money so I could get food and clothes . 

I put my stuff down and head to my room  and change into some of my shorts and a t-shirt . And then I lay down in my bed and fall asleep. 😴


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