dark shadow

ever since the beginning a shadow always seem to follow me. i finally find out the truth about the dark shadow.


2. chapter 2

I didn't have any friends and I knew this wasn't my home. I was running away. Well that's what the shadows told me to do and I listened.I packed all the things I needed and I quietly left the building. I didn't no how to drive and I didn't have a bike so I had to walk on foot. I had no idea where I was going but anywhere would be better then that orphanage. I didn't realize that I had walk passed the city and already walked into the forest until I heard noises. I saw shadows and I heard whispers. I ran and ran and ran. I kept on running until I got to a house. I quickly hid inside. Inside was a rusty cauldron, dusty shelves old paintings and a table. Suddenly I heard footsteps coming from the stairs. It was probably a scary ugly monster who wanted to take me away. I closed my eyes shut when the victim came downstairs. "Hello deary would you like to buy something from my shop." I was confused. I opened my eyes and their in front of me was the ugliest creature I had ever seen she was so ugly I thought she wasn't even human. But she was very friendly. "This is your shop I said." Yes. Martha was finding a place to stay and the witch let her stay. The shadows were telling her not to but for the first time she didn't listen.  

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