Niall and Me

This was not made by Agent_romanov, she can't claim anythang... Enjoy ;)


1. Church

It was Sunday morning, I was getting ready to go to church. My mom makes me go because she thinks that I have issues. The only reason that i ever want to go is because of a boy there. His name is Niall Horan. He treats me like an angel. Every time he talks to me I feel like I'm on cloud 9. I know he flirts with other girls but I don't care. I believe that he loves me.


Today he was wearing a blue button up shirt, dark blue jeans, and he put his hair in that way that makes me melt. I love the way he brushes against my hand whenever he walks by me. I feel so safe around him. I know that he could never hurt me.


Today he asked me if I could hang out after church. Of course I said yes right away. I sat through church thinking about him, his eyes, the way his hands feel, ect. 

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