One night stands, relationship, trust- ruined.

She knows them,but do they know her?

'Wanna come over to meet my friends?' *busy*

What happens when they all realize they're all in love with the same girl who has screwed them all in more ways than one.


1. The Meeting pt.1

Hey everyone! This is our first partner write and we're super excited for it! :) If you're up to more fics, go check out our personals @hold-me-hemmings (Lexi) and @PikaChu_Bae (Shay). :) Now onto the story! ;))))


Hannah's P.O.V


I woke up to the cold rush of water running down my cheeks from a cat's spray bottle.


"CHARLIE!" I yelled, sitting up, as my 9 year old brother ran out of the room.


"OOPS?" He shouted back, running down the staircase, in a fit of laughter.


I groaned and wiped my face off, using my blanket.


I decided I should finally get out of bed, since there's no point in sleeping, now.


I trudged down the stairs to see Charlie waiting for me at the bottom.




"Shut up Charles, I'm starving." I rolled my eyes, passing him and into the kitchen.


"You're always hungry!" He complained.


"And you're always annoying." I 'smiled'.


He let out a disappointed sigh and followed me into the kitchen.


"Morning mama" He smiled innocently as my mom walked by.


"Morning, dear." She rubbed her eyes and plopped on the couch.


"Hannah's hungry." Charlie laughed "AGAIN."


"Of course she is, she's a 17 year old, growing woman." Mom laughed.


"Well I'm only 9 and I'm already a man." He smiled proudly.


"Really? Is that what you call it?" I asked, pouring myself some orange juice.


"Stop bickering, It's finally summer, and we get to relax." Mom sighed, turning the news on.


"By the way, later, I need to get gas in my stupid car." I said.


I have an SUV, because mom thought it'd be "convenient" for us.


"Okay sweetie, and it's not all that bad." She smiled, standing up and going back to her room.


"Sooo." Charlie grinned.


"What?" I asked, taking a gulp of OJ.


"You gonna take me with?" He smiled.


I smiled largely "No." my face, now blank.


"Bitch." He sighed.


"MOM HEARD YOU!" My mom yelled from her room.


He made scared face and went upstairs to do something, probably video games.


"Mom, when should I go?" I asked.


"Whenever, darling." She responded.


I ran up the stairs and quickly got dressed in sweat pants and a baggy hoodie with my flip flops and hair in a bun, at the top of my head.


"I'M LEAVING NOW!" I called after grabbing my phone and car keys.


"NO ONE CARES!" Charlie shouted back.


I just rolled my eyes and left.


I pulled out of the driveway and within 5 minutes, I reached the gas station.


I entered the station to pay with cash, when I was knocked to the floor.


I opened my eyes to see a muscular, toned, curly-haired manboy in a muscle tee and jeans.


"I- I'M SO SO SO VERY SORRY." He panicked, while waving his 3bags of beef jerky.


"It's okay." I smiled.


"Let me help you up." He smiled, offering me his free hand.


"Thank you" I blushed, looking in his emerald eyes.


"'re hot." He sighed, and quickly, took in a sharp breath "NO, NOT LIKE HOT HOT, BUT LIKE ATTRACTIVE HOT, WAIT NO, LIKE CUTE-HOT? NO!" He stammered and dropped all 3 bags to the floor. "SHIT! WAIT, SHOOT!"


"A-Are you okay...?" I asked, seriously concerned by this stranger.


"Not anymore." He laughed to himself and bent down to pick up the bags. "I'm Ashton." He smiled.


I paused for a moment, thinking of what to say next. "Lillian." I panicked and gave a wavering smile.


"I like the name Lillian." He smiled "I would also like...your number?"


I laughed "Of course." and typed it into his phone, almost typing 'Hannah' for the contact name.


"I will DEFINITELY be calling." He grinned.


"Why do you need 3bags of jerky, anyways?" I asked.


"This is the only station, in town, with Teriyaki jerky." He smiled.


"Nice." I nodded. "I'll keep that in mind for when I want some."


"Or just call me and I'll share." He smirked. "Have a lovely day, Lillian."


"You too." I smiled and left the station, forgetting to actually get gas, and went home.










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