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  • Published: 21 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 21 Nov 2014
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1. Uncertain


  Nothing appears to be clear in our lives;

Each day overcome by indefinite possibility,

Each instant accommodated by endless alternative.

We float in faltering sensation, 

All thought consumed by untold wonder.

Question is met with controversial response,

Our only guidance to go with what feels right.

How are we to go on with our days,

In restless confusion; unsettling ignorance.

It is the vulnerability of jumping,

Without knowing where you’ll land.

It is making a choice,

With lack of certainty in such decision.

It is opening your arms to a future,

Seemingly all but apparent. 

But, it is what makes life worth living;

What makes life unbound by limits

And absolved by standards.

It is the assurance that anything can change;

For better or for worse.

It is believing that nothing is fettered

By absolute solidity; a definite guarantee. 

And it is believing that every chance

Comes from the uncertainty of every outcome. 

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