Tortured, beaten, and hijacked using tracker jacker venom, I survived. I, Peeta Mellark, and a survivor. But only a survivor by forgetting and hating the one person who I loved... Katniss.


1. Within the Pain

Pain... pain. It was all around me, surrounding me, taking over me. Driving me insane. I couldn't even scream anymore, couldn't beg for my life, couldn't remember why I was here. I could only focus on the pain. It seemed like day, months, years that I was in this unbearable pain. Was it always this bad? Was I always like this? Or was there something before the pain?

There must have been. "She is the enemy." A voice broke through the pain. Who is the enemy? Who is the she? "Remember that Peeta. Katniss Everdeen is the enemy." Who is Peeta? "Peeta?" The voice kept going. Katniss... Why was that name so familiar?

As if by some miracle, the pain started to ease up. Ounce by ounce, the pain was going away. But it seemed to take hours to do so. "Who?" I called out, wanting to hear the voice again. The voice would stop the pain again, the voice would save me. 

"Hmm?" The voice hummed. "What was that?" It was a guy. It must be a guy who was talking to me. "Peeta?" So I was Peeta. My name, it is Peeta. The voice sighed and then a tapping of some sort sounded but drifted away. And as it drifted away, a buzzing sound came closer. So close, I felt it hovering over me. "Ah!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. It hurt, my chest, it hurt so much.

My screams seemed dislocated from my body, but it had to be mine. No one else was in this darkness, only me. Once again, the pain engulfed me, took over me. Took over Peeta...


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