Tortured, beaten, and hijacked using tracker jacker venom, I survived. I, Peeta Mellark, and a survivor. But only a survivor by forgetting and hating the one person who I loved... Katniss.


5. Nightmare

My mother was staring at me. Tears rolled down her mud caked cheeks. Her hair was a mess and she held my sister's lifeless body. I couldn't move, all I could do was yell. "It's her fault Peeta... Come home with me. Please." Mom whispered, crying silently. She held out her hand that was covered in blood.

'"Mom!" I yelled. She started to turn away from me, as if forgetting that I was there. "Mom!" I kept yelling, trying to move but I was stuck in blood. Frantically I looked around me and saw that I was tied up on a stake. Slowly a fire started to burn around my feet.

Scared, I tried getting out of the ropes, but it was useless. "It's all her fault..." Mom's voice kept whispering around me. Whose fault was it? My sister's? Katniss? It must have been Katniss. She is a destruction to mankind. Screaming in fear, in anger, and confusion, I let the fire lick me.


I awoke in sweat, breathing heavily. "Good to see you are awake." The lab coat guy said. He laughed a little too hysterical for my likings. "Now, how was that? Was it... Enlightening?" He asked. I glared at him, but thankful that the nightmare was gone.

"Not going to answer? Well ok. I guess I will have to torture you more. Maybe get an answer or two out of you about Katniss." He said. I spat in his face, showing that I hated him. Enraged the lab coat guy took a sharp knife and stabbed it into my hand. I screamed. So much pain.

Why must I be here? Why must I be tortured? Is it because of Katniss? Yes it must be because of her. She will pay for this. She will pay for my pain and all the days I spent in it.

"Getting feisty now are you?" The lab coat guy said. He laughed and slowly took the knife out of my hand. He dragged it across my skin and I kept silent, giving him no pleasure in this. "Boo hoo. Why won't you cry out in pain? If you tell me something about Katniss I will stop for now Peeta. What is she up to? Who is helping her?" He asked.

A smile played on my bloody, cracked, lips. "She is trying to destroy you." I spat out and he frowned.

"Well no duh. But I think we are done here today. I will give you something with he pain. I don't want you dying on me just yet." Lab coat guy sighed and injected me with a needle. My body started to go numb, and the pain I have been feeling for god know's how long, was starting to fully disappear.

Thankful for this, I closed my eyes, letting a different kind of darkness embrace me.

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