Tortured, beaten, and hijacked using tracker jacker venom, I survived. I, Peeta Mellark, and a survivor. But only a survivor by forgetting and hating the one person who I loved... Katniss.


4. Delusional

They put me back into the pain. Saying that I was too much of a risk, and when the time comes, I will have to do another video. I was stuck now, I hated the Capitol for this pain, but I also hated Katniss and those who sided with her. I was alone, all alone in this darkness.

Fear started to spread through me like a wild fire as I saw a man in a white lab coat pick up a sharp blade. "Please... Please don't do this." I begged. The man smirked and touched the cold steel to my warm flesh. I tried to get away from it, to get free. But the chains were too tight and when I moved it pinched my skin.

Pressure went on my forearm, then a burning sensation. I started to scream as the pain engulfed me. Another cut was formed on my other arm, dragging downwards. All the way to the tips of my fingers. "You know what my favourite part about all of this is? Seeing the expressions of pain on those who I hurt." The man spoke.

The man laid down the blade and then picked up a syringe. "Now this is my least favourite thing, not a lot of fun. But this is the most painful thing. And I am all about that pain." The man kept tormenting me. In the next second I felt the needle go through my arm and whatever was in it released into my vein.

Instantly pain spread throughout my arm and up into the rest of my body. I couldn't even scream as this familiar pain made me go back into the darkness. No... Not again. Why do they want to harm me? Wasn't I changed for the better? How could I be a threat, a risk?


It must have been some time in this pain. "Peeta..." It was a different voice now. Not Katniss's. "Peeta... Why did you leave me?" It was my mother. "You should have died in that game. You should have ate those berries." She hissed at me.

"Mom? Help me... Help..." I called out to her. Where was she? I couldn't even see her. All I could see was trees. "Mom?"

"You deserve this Peeta. You helped Katniss." She told me. I felt hurt and embarrassed. How could mom say this to me? Sad, I fell silent. She was right, I did help Katniss. Maybe I did deserve this torture.


I started to wonder the time. Was it night time or day time? Monday, Tuesday? I must have been delusional for days. That is what happened to Katniss. Although I was regaining consciousness, I was still enveloped in the darkness. I was starting to get used to this darkness, it was like a second home to me.

"Peeta?" Someone called out my name. I opened my eyes and saw a blurred figure. Then as I blinked again, I realized who it was. Anger and hatred filled me as she stood in front of me.

"Get away from me!" I yelled and tried to sit up. Then she changed shape. It was Gale in front of me now.

"Peeta? Wake up. You have to wake up." He told me. Like before he changed shape. It was Prim now, so small and innocent. Such a shame that she had Katniss as a sister.

"Peeta? I am sorry for your pain. Please forgive me?" She spoke in her sweet voice and she raised her hand and slapped me. "It is all your fault you know." She said. Then again, she slapped me. "All!" Another slap. "Your!" Another. "FAULT!"

I blacked out from this delusion.

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