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  • Published: 21 Nov 2014
  • Updated: 2 Dec 2014
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Tortured, beaten, and hijacked using tracker jacker venom, I survived. I, Peeta Mellark, and a survivor. But only a survivor by forgetting and hating the one person who I loved... Katniss.


2. Almost Gone

The darkness was fading, and I started to remember. Remember the terrible, the unrighteous, the chaos. All due to one person, Katniss. The enemy. Footsteps sounded and I opened my eyes to see a distorted figure. "What do you know about District 13?!" It yelled at me. District 13? It was gone... I tried to speak, but I couldn't move. The figure moved and I felt a slight sting across my face. "What do you know?!" It kept yelling.

"I... Don't know." I sputtered. Yes, that is right. I didn't know.

"What about Katniss? Do you know what she plans to do?" It asked a different question. Katniss... She was an enemy. She wanted to create chaos, to ruin the Capitol. But why? And how? Where was Katniss? "Peeta! Answer me!" It yelled. That's right, my name is Peeta.

Another sting across my face and I tried to remember. Remember who I was, remember about Katniss, or where I was. "No." I simply spoke. The figure straightened and started to get smaller. Footsteps faded, and then a bright light blinded me. I was going back into the darkness.

Help! I wanted to scream, to be saved from this pain. Hotness burned my cheeks, slowly rolling down from my eyes. Something in this darkness sounded like air releasing. In a couple of seconds I couldn't breath, couldn't get air. I started to cough, gasping in this tainted air, trying to live. Then I started to slip further into the darkness, back to where the unbearable pain was.


 "Peeta..." It was a soft voice. A familiar one. "Peeta... Come with me. Save me Peeta." I knew that voice, but from where? I wanted to look around, to open my eyes, but I couldn't. "Peeta!" It was a girls voice, screaming out for me. Katniss.

"Katniss?!" I called out. Surprised that my voice sounded strong, while my body was so weak. "Katniss?! Why are you doing this?" I asked her. She was the one to have me tortured. If I just died at that game, I wouldn't have to be here. But she made me live. She is ruining everyone's lives.

"It's all your fault!" I yelled. No one answered me, Katniss was gone. I was left with the darkness, and slowly I slipped back into the dark pool. Peeta. That is me. Peeta is strong, or was strong. He... he hated Katniss. He used to love her, but that was false. Only hate was the thing he felt for Katniss.


I opened my eyes, or tried to. Only one opened. Buzzing sounded around me and I started to scream and pain engulfed me. Not again, not this pain again. "Tell me what you know about Katniss, Peeta." A voice told me.

"She is the enemy. She is causing chaos, causing destruction. She is killing innocent people, she is trying to break the peace." I told the voice. "I hate her. When I find her... I will... I will..." I was trying to find something punishable enough for her.

"You will what?" The voice asked me.

I found the answer. "Kill her. I will kill Katniss Everdeen." I said and felt a smile on my lips.

There was silence. Then a sigh. "He is too far gone sir. We cannot get any answers from him now." It was a soft voice like before, but different. This voice must belong to a girl.

"Ok. Freshen him up, heal him, do whatever. We will do the video soon." The voice said.  

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