Retail Romance

Retail Romance: A story about a romance that sparks within the workplace of Metropolis. A cashier, Kassie Sears, faces the struggle of everyday life as her days become more and more unpredictable, yet she continues to smile with kindness. The head of Metropolis finally hires in an assistant manager that works almost like the store manager, but he is assigned to work there regularly than their current store manager. The new assistant manager, Damien Cole, was friendlier than everyone else anticipated. His friendliness only exceeds when he meets Kassie. See how he plans to win her over by reading Retail Romance.



         It was the same as any other day. I waited by my register and greeted every costumer that walked by, because that was my job. The routine was the same ever since I had started working here. Today was no different from any other day. Julie, our store manager, rarely appears and we’re left with agitation and a reason for most of our employees to skip out of work. This place is a wreck all by its own doing.

        “Ask me again why I’m here, Kassie?” Laurie asked me as she shrugged her shoulders and peered into the open windows on the ceiling only to see the blurriness of the raindrops tumble on top of it. She had only been working here a week earlier than me, yet in only a week had I mastered the rules and the devices used within the workplace of Metropolis.

        “It’s only the beginning of November and what’s to complain about having this job?” I looked at her with serenity, “At least you have a job,”

        “I know, but it always seem like we’re getting gawked at by the higher positions and we’re stuck here receiving the blame,” She pouts while crossing her arms upon her chest, “If I was the store manager, everyone below me would have the benefits of earning as much as they want,”

        “Laurie, you’re being unreasonable,” I started, “They’ve been in our position before, if you were the store manager you would understand why they do what their job requires them to do. Always remember that there is always going to be someone above you and below in this world; just be grateful that you’re even standing here in front of me and not a dumpster,”

        “You always make sense and you’re also too kind,” Laurie targeted a customer heading towards her and she instinctively called to them that her register was open.

         They looked suspicious as they headed towards her and the smile on Laurie’s face flushed instantly as she saw the man quickly withdraw his gun and aimed it towards her head. The whole front end of the store raged into a panic as some cried and some ducked for cover. I stood at my register shocked at how fast the situation escalated; not knowing what to do took over my body as I began to partly panic. Laurie lifted her hands shakily and waited for orders.

         “Open your register quickly!” The man, possibly in his mid-30s, yelled where almost the whole store could hear.

          Laurie typed in a code that opened her register and, without suspiciously moving downwards, she quickly pressed the alert button beneath her register, which sent out an alert for help towards higher authority. It wasn’t long before the man grabbed the bag full of cash out of her hands and walked out of the store with his gun still aimed to fire at any innocent civilian. But if I was asked if that was the day that impacted me most; I would simply say no. It may have impacted Laurie more than me, but the true story lies within what I’m going to talk about and it all starts with our new supervisor and director, Damien Cole.

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