The Singers of Silence

Lysenea has so far lived a happy undisturbed and simple life as a servant in the castle kitchens. She has her caring older sister Rylla and kind understanding parents. She has never lacked for anything. Yet as the innocent girls witness how easily life can suddenly become horrible they must abandon everything they knew to join the shadow organisation known only as "The Singers of Silence": Here the girls are trained to take revenge upon those who destroyed all that they held dear. But the road shall not be an easy dance...


4. Farewells and promises

Chapter four

Farewells and promises

Rylla took the hairbrush hands shaking. “Thank you,” she whispered sounding like she was choking on all of her emotions. Her dack gaze was blank as if a thick film had been lain over it. She stared at the flames still eating away at their home like a hungry merciless god. “Where are we going to live now?” she mumbled to herself shaking her head as if trying to wake from a nightmare.

“Far away from here, where they won’t find you and no one can hurt our family ever again,” Lysenea said trying to sound confident in that. But even as the word left her lips, she could tell that they sounded forced and doubting. Because would there ever be a place where no one would be able to find them? Where they could all truly be save? She did not know and she was not quite sure she believed it, however much she liked the idea.

“We have to find the Sanya girl, her mother talked about red evenings…this most have been what she meant,” Lysenea said picturing the dark ruby red of Orias’s blood on the carpet and the hot glowing red of flames.

Yes, she had most definitely had enough of red for a long time.

On shaky legs, she walked the few steps towards her parents. Every step sent a dagger through her burned legs and made it feel like she had not even escaped the fire. She breathed heavily and bit her lip in order to not say anything. Today Lysenea had to put her age aside and act strong, smart and wise for her family’s sake. She had to…even though it was hard. Her father sat on the ground with his arms around her mother who had, thank the gods regained her conscious.

“Mother….father….we need to be gone fast…come,” she said in the calmest voice possible for her which….was not very calm to say the least.

However, they still listened and scrambled to their feet following her. Rylla ran to her side but slowed down and stared right ahead at something only she could see. Lysenea tried to grab her hand to give her at least some sort of comfort, but her sister quickly winched away and quickened her walking speed furiously rubbing at her eyes and biting her lip.

It was easy to see from the way that her shoulders were shaking that she was trying desperately to hold back tears though.

“Ry….” Lysenea called out lifting her hand meaning to let her sister know that it was okay to cry and that she could come back.

Before she could finish her sentence, a soft yet clearly used hand was placed on her shoulder. “Let her be Lysenea, she needs time to grief,” her mother whispered before removing her hand again.

“But I….,” her mother once more cut her sentence short.

“Your sister has been through much….she needs time….as do you,” she said in a quite and kind voice.

“Yes…,” Lysenea agreed not even trying to hide the fact that everything was hurting anymore.

“Why does bad thing only happen to good people, mother?” she said, having a hard time pushing the words past her lips.

It all just seemed so unfair to her. Her kind innocent and helpful sister…and prince Orias….they were good people who did not deserve the pain that they were given.

“I do not know, child,” her mother shook her head falling into silence, until they made it to the tent where Sanya waited.

“Greetings” the girl said, raising a suntanned hand, before placing it on her heat and bowing her head.

She was still dressed in the patchwork cloak, a hood that covered most of her face in shadows hid her long hair.

She sat cross-legged on the bare hard earth in front of the tent holding onto the reins of two horses.

“I had not expected your parents to be accompanying you…I will have to walk,” she said, her red-ish eyes gleaming.

She sounded oddly old for a child. Her voice was dark and slightly monotone, like there was not much she really cared for.

Her eyes were a bit scary too. Almost…red….which was not what Lysenea needed right now. A sigh dripped off Rylla’s lips and she crocked her head slightly to one side. Her eyes were still blank as glass. Almost dead to look at.

“I trust that you having to walk to wherever it is that you are taking us will not be a great problem?” her voice was light and strained as if she had a hard time getting even those simple words out.

“Certainly not little lady,” Sanya replied in a voice smooth as silk. With that she got up, pulled one of the horses towards Rylla and handed the reins of the other one to my father who helped my mother get on before following.

Lysenea notched her sister carefully trying to get at least some sort of reaction. Yet her smart and wonderful sister just stood there shaking ever so slightly, seeming almost broken. “Come on Rylla….please,” Lysenea pleaded with her grasping for her hand before judging the effort fruitless and instead getting on the horse.

Had Sanya not snapped at her, her voice like a knife in the silence, Rylla would have stayed on the ground for eternity frozen like a statue made from the purest white marble with obsidian eyes looking lost and desperately holding on to a hairbrush.

In the end she got on though, drapping her arms around Lys’ waist.

With that they rode, with Sanya guiding them in a voice no louder than a whisper. Somehow, the young girl seemed to know exactly which paths to take and which to avoid. They stayed unseen and excited the city through what could hardly even have the honour to call itself a gate. It was in all honesty more of a rusty iron door placed in the tall stonewall conveniently out of sight to what seemed to be everyone. Or well not everyone but the only one near it was the gatekeeper who sat on a creaking chair seeming to be asleep constantly inhaling breaths of murky green smoke.


  “Did you do this?” Lysenea asked narrowing her eyes and studying the girl whose cloak swished against the ground and sounded like a million whispering voices. Something cold gnawed at Lys’ mind and told her loudly to not put her trust in Sanya. A child Who could make grown men fall aleep like babies and seemed to know her way out of everything was most likely no one’s friend.


However, Sanya just clicked her tongue and looked back at her for a second or two her eyes were pools of melted rubies, burning and yet cold as if calculating all Lys had ever thought about anything.

Then she shrugged not even bothering to answer the question before she opened the door and in a hushed voice let them out of the city and into the inky darkness, which was currently the outside world.   

“Where are we going?” her mother finally asked after what seemed like hours of the loudest silence Lysenea had ever experienced.

“For you two,” Sanya gestured towards her mother and father with broad and careless arm movements.

“A village…it is not far from here,” she finished.

“What!?” came the outburst from their father.

“You mean for us to abandon our daughters just after our home was destroyed?”

“Your daughters have purpose elsewhere,” came the stoic reply.

“Where is elsewhere?” Rylla asked her voice sticky the words just barely not dying before they passed her lips.


“A place that will offer you vengeance for those you have lost,” cryptic as ever Sanya sighed, turned and walked on down a path that was still just barely visible to the untrained eyes of Lysenea.


 As the darkness slowly passed and turned to a dull metallic grey of the hours just before dawn the little fellowship reached just as Sanya had sworn a village. If you could call it that. A collection of small wooden huts standing in a circle was what greeted them.

Each of them looked as though they could collapse by only the smallest gust of wind.

A few people seemed to spot them and came running towards the horses yelling things that did not make sense to any of the newcomers. However, Sanya understood, nodded and even smiled at them all.

It ended with someone pulling Rylla and Lysenea’s parents off their horse and pulling them along laughing and chatting all the while as if they had no care in the world.

“NO NO MY CHILDREN MY CHILDREN LET ME AT LEAST SAY GOODBYE TO MY CHILDREN,” screamed their mother in pure mental agony as she struggled against the hands of the kind villagers who held her firmly.

Their father was calmer, more collected as he slowly and with kind dark eyes asked them to let go of him.

“Yes….yes of course,” one man said slowly as he let his arms fall to his sides. With that the parents ran and pulled their children of the horse, embracing them so tightly that Lys thought her bones might break. “Come back to us please, wherever it is that you are going, please please come back,” mother whispered into her ashen hair as she held her.

“And watch over your sister Lysenea, you must be strong for Rylla is at the moment very fragile, be kind with her, let her have her time,”

“Lysenea nodded and was then hugged byy her father as her mother moved on to say her goodbyes to Rylla, who was openly shaking now and refused stubbornly to open her eyes.

For once times moved way to fast and Sanya clicked her tongue and snapped her fingers.

“We must go,” those three little words thrown at them so casually they sent a fire of sadness crawling all over Lysenea’s skin, which burned much worse than the still bright red marks upon her legs. Chocking slightly on her own tongue which held so many words she wanted to say, she pulled the woollen cloak tighter around her and grabbed her sister’s hand once again. Sanya had already gotten on the horse that had been made riderless by the departure of their parents and was now turning it so that it faced towards the forest.

Ignoring the needle-like stinging in her eyes Lysenea climbed on the other horse and Rylla followed meekly not saying a word.

“Be strong children, we will see each other again” their parents yelled out as they saw their daughters vanish.


I will…..I promise….I will be strong for everyone….and I will make those who hurt others pay for it, Lysenea thought dully to herself as the sweet smelling darkness of the forest took them in its arms. 

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