They'll Tell You I'm Insane - A Draco Malfoy Story

Teenage delinquent Hanna Crux returns to Hogwarts for yet another year of magic and madness. But this year is different, caught up in the era of romance Hanna has set her eyes on the infamous Draco Malfoy.


1. Prologue

"What makes us so special?" the captivating brunette beauty stood before a group of teenagers bordering on her age with a confidence rarely found in a woman as young as herself. 

"Have you ever wondered if you truly have a significant role in this world? Maybe we were just born to be the failures that spur on successes made by other, more prosperous individuals. Maybe we just exist to be granted the occupations nobody else wants. So let me ask you again, what makes us so special?" she continued. Silence. 

"Nothing. We are the pawns on the chess board of life!" the words came tumbling from Hanna Crux's mouth sophisticated ease before any of the other passengers could answer her question.


With new found satisfaction, Hanna gazed at the appearance of her audience through lapis eyes. The teenage delinquent was currently sitting comfortably in the first carriage of a rather exquisitely decorated train. The vehicle glided smoothly along the tracks as the beautiful scenery of England's countryside whizzed by in a psychedelic blur. September 1st had been marked on the youngest Crux's calender since the day she left, only to return to the magical confinement of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - in other words, home. 


"Zugzwang." Hanna's excited eyes flickered towards a pair of sliver. The remark had come from a tall, handsome male draped in black and green robes. Green; he must belong to Slytherin. At Hogwarts the students are separated into four houses - Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. She blinked.

"Excuse me?" her soft voice struggled to break through the increasingly large wall of shock as she stared at the boy. 

"Zugzwang, it's a chess term in which a player is forced to take an undesirable move because they will inevitably be beaten." he repeated with growing amusement dancing rhythmically within his pupils. 

"I know the meaning of the word." Hanna returned his knowledgeable remark with a throaty laugh accompanied by a smile that reached her eyes. Before the conversation could continue, the students were being alerted of their arrival. She watched as the boy she had conversed with began to waltz away. From that small exchange she knew she had to make sure that that wasn't the last time she'd see of him. He sparked a curiosity within the female witch that nothing else ever had before.

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