Beacon Hills (Teen wolf Fan-fiction)

The super natural team is back but on what terms and this is Skylar McCall the twin of Scott joins the team but Scott doesn't like it at all.


2. Chapter 2: Coming home to a mad momma

We all sat in the Car looking outside i looked at stiles who was snuggled by Maila who was asleep and Lydia was asleep to and Kira was asleep and Scott was driving of course. Then stiles popped his head up quickly to scott and me as we were having a talk again saying “next time just wait and blah blah” and i would get mad and say “we could of died like you said people find a way out i learn from the best”

“Scott where were you?” stiles asked scott let out a sigh “whats the matter?”

“Somethings happened okay guys” scott replied to Stiles and I he seemed out of it today stiles and me always figure out sooner or later just not now i hope…..

    Stiles and me sat in back talking or playing uncle or the slap game.

“ouch Skylar!”  i just laughed at him big baby “you big baby!” i rubbed his shoulder “sorry stiles ill buy you something when we get back” i said stiles smiled big “thank you” scott rolled the window down it was cold i shivered alittle

“its cold” i wrapped my arms around me, Stiles put his arms around me

“here i got you sky” i felt pretty good at that moment.

~The Following week~

    I was with Kira at the lacrosse practice my eyes were on locked on this new guy by the name Liam Dunbar now see am 17 not 15 so it wouldnt work out at all poor little me haha

“kira where is Malia?” i asked i had to tell her something badly

‘i dont know Sky but why?”

i took a long breath and no words come out but finally

“I like stiles… its been a long time before Malia come along never got a chance to it”

“Sky oh dear really?” i looked at her kinda sad

“yes i havent told nobody besides you and scott doesnt know about that”

the coach blowed the whistle loud “Practice over go take showers you guys stink!” yelled the coach

At home my mom was there crying

she looked up hugging me

“oh god i thought you guys didnt make it back from mexico” she said and scott was behind me

“mom you alright?”
“scott she thought we didnt make it back alive the usally you know” i said hugging her

“dont leave without my premission you know the drill now grounded for a week i need the phones”

i took my phone out of my pocket it was a Iphone and scott the same phone both black

“here” we both said going up to our rooms i had nothing to do in my room i guess i”ll have to read a book or something who knows maybe finish some books hmm seemed boring as heck\

it was night time i layed in my bed looking at my ceiling having a fun time haha it suck big time i heard talking in scotts room i turned on my eyes easedropping on it

“Scott you cant be serious” said a guy which had to been Stiles of course him, so i got up going by the wall by scotts room slightly putting my ear on the wall

“Stiles i gotta go okay i cant afford Sky being hurt again by me or anyone else” what is scott talking about……………

“Now Stiles just be on the look out on kate or anything when am gone” i ran into Scott’s room looking at him crying.

Scott walked up to me and hugged me “Dont worrry for now okay sky”




Okay guys as you can tell i do not know as much teen wolf stuff and all that jazz but i'll try and put some of the thing that happened in seasons 1-4 as much to make it seems like a teen wolf story my little cuties and IF any of you have any suggestions tell me in the comments below and i'll think of something. I know this was mega long but i hope that you guys in joy this story as much as i do! Have a great rest of the day i love you guys all from the moon to back 10 times

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