Beacon Hills (Teen wolf Fan-fiction)

The super natural team is back but on what terms and this is Skylar McCall the twin of Scott joins the team but Scott doesn't like it at all.


1. Chapter 1: Mexico

Lydia and Stiles and Malia and Me all sat in a room filled with Bones not my ideal places to be at the time with my friends long story short we lost Kira and Scott while fighting the Berserkers i honestly hate those thing to began with Kate just had to bulid them stupid “Bone lady”.

“SCOTT!” i yelled through the walls only hearing my voice echo in the large room of bones “KIRA” i hate loosing them all the time this happens to us

“Stiles what are we going do?” asked stiles’s girlfriend Malia and he always replied by this

“just be calm” i hate that its all he says in this situations

“Shut up Stiles we are getting out room Fuck it!” my voice raised to loud, i punched the wall hard letting my anger out to break the wall

“i agree with Sky. Stiles” Lydia said she agrees with me unlike some people *cough* *stiles* *cough*

“Sky that is impossible” Stiles said to me like am dumb or something am werewolf idiot

“as i said SHUT UP and impossible my butt “ and all my anger built up my eyes started changing yellow and the claws come out quick and i dashed for the door “Stiles and Malia help me please?’ i asked as we moved it finally it moved.

We all ran out saying the same thing. “i hate mexico!” now see the Berserkers were coming right and left as we made it out finally.

And of course Stiles grabbed a bat for petes sakes stiles a bat we’ve been over this 6 million times bats dont work with these for sure! geez stiles listen and listen some more. The bat didnt work out to good it sent stiles flying to the buildings. Again…

“STILES!” i yelled running towards him i made Malia and lydia guard me from them

stiles was on the ground coughing

“are you alright?’ i asked coughing stiles i liked Stiles so much but Malia was in the photo now my luck.

“good now when can i get a gun this is ridiculous as heck” i looked at him and smirked

“when your dad says you can!’ he just chuckled “you are just like Scott”

we ran to them fast i jumped to one of them punching hard my hand hurt after that i held my hand hand trying to ease the pain doesnt work at all. Scott and Kira finally showed up to help us they were probably kissing or something like last time.

“hey Sky” he said to us as we ran to the car  getting out just in time before getting killed again…

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