Bad Boys

"Don't touch me!"

" babe, you're so into me... don't deny it."

"I will never dumbass..."

Will I ever? He's bad, arrogant but...

Something makes me go crazy when I'm around him.

"I'll be your bad boy."


2. My nightmare.

"Then, just like that,


The bad boys club entered the class.


And of course, I chose a place where someone could easily sit beside me.


As soon as Ms. Jones saw them, her face stiffened with a glance. She knew right away that they were going to cause them problems, but she resigned herself and pointed them to the bottom of the class.
"Guys sit down to a free chair please." Immediately, the blond boy started walking towards me and sat next to me.
"Hey love" Unintentionally, I started blushing. I did not answer him by trying as well as he did not notice my nervousness.

"Okay guys, you're here for a reason. In fact, if you're here because you have the talent to sing and play some instruments. In music class, you will have to complete a duo and also write a song together. If I hear that a person in the duo does not do the homework, I'll be severe as a note of zero, clair?" We all nod except the curly boy in front beside Audrey and the boy beside me. He just laughed like the curly boy but did not comment until the teacher went on "and I want a duet made up of a boy and a girl and because it's so hard to find a partner, I created the groups randomly without knowing you apart on your musical journey, thank me later. "

We all signed and we waited for her to continue " okay so first" She began with Tiara and Zach, Kiary and Freddy,...

I just hope I'll not be with this blonde guy! " Audrey and Harry" Oh So the name of the curly one is Harry... I can tell right now by her face that she's really into him. She looked up at me with a smile then she instantly blushed when Harry complimented her and whispered in her ear. She is into bad boys anyways. For me, I'm not ever gonna choose a bad boy, they just caused problems! Imagine being with this blonde guy... please no!

"And finally: Sandra and Niall! So for now just go join your partner and introduce yourself briefly until the end of the class. Tomorrow we'll start the real business" She winked to the class and sat at her desk looking on her computer. 

I can't believe. 

" So love, you're Sandra? I'm Horan, Niall Horan" He licked his lips and winked at me. I just turn my head back to my notebook just again to ignore his behaviour.

" I take this as a yes" he chuckled and took his pen and wrote something in my notebook. I didn't stare at first but he said " Don't be shy with me love, I don't bite... Only if you want me to" I looked up at his face and it is the first time that I can look closely to his face. Well, he is a good looking guy... I can't lie. But, no. Stop Thinking about him in this way! I responded by rolling my eyes. 

" Oh I like the girls hard to get baby... you look not bad too, maybe if you just drop this look you'll look amazing" He chuckled and now I can't do this anymore... Seriously? " I'm sorry Horan if I'm soooo ugly but get used to it you have to be stuck with me until the presentation so if you please do what you have to do okay?" He was surprised at first by my words but he after smirked and said: " you can talk, good. btw I didn't said you are ugly babe, you are looking great. But yeah the asightment.. for now I have to get to know you so tell me, or I can began to tell you this." He paused but he continued himself

"I can tell that we will have so much fun together baby" He approached himself to me and whispered in my ear saying:

"baby after this, you are gonna fall in love with me, like this girl with my bud Harry" he licked his lips and began to caress my thigh.

I just froze. I hope he is not right.

He is my nightmare.






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