Bad Boys

"Don't touch me!"

" babe, you're so into me... don't deny it."

"I will never dumbass..."

Will I ever? He's bad, arrogant but...

Something makes me go crazy when I'm around him.

"I'll be your bad boy."


1. Bad boys.



Arghhh. 7:00.   I guess it's time to wake up. I can't believe summer went by so fast... Hum by the way, My name is Sandra and I'm from England. Yeah well that's pretty much what you have to know about me, but if you want a closely look of myself:

I'm 16, brunette with brown eyes but sometimes they went green.. Crazy hun? Well I'm actually acrazy person...  but anyway. Haha. My best friend Audrey could  tell you some stupid things that I made, but she's as crazy as me. Hihi That's why I love her so muchhhhh! 

Goshhh SCHOOL!   When I began to talk, I can't stop myself.. That kind of strange cause I'm a very shy girl with a bad self-esteem...

Don't blame me you're probably the same!

  "SANDRA SCHOOL IF YOU AT LEAST REMEM..."   "YEAH MOMM COMIIIING"    Today, for my first day I school I decided to wear:

Happy about my look, I went downstairs and saw my mom.

"Sweetheart, Audrey is waitting for you outside, tell her to come tonight, Overtime for me at work. Have a good day! "

"Okay, have a good day too" I gave her a kiss then I went outside to see my incredible friend: Audrey


"HEYY GIRL! " she shouted

"hey you, missed me?" I asked

"hell yeahh, c'mon let's go! I heard for Michael that new boys arrived in town last week! I hope they're sexaaay"

Michael is our gay friend and Audrey... Well boys are all over her so anyway. So I'm not scared if she found someone haha.

"(...) and me and you will have a boyfriend hihii I'm soooo exciteed" She continued

"well Aud, let's see we're here" We walked in school and saw all the look over two mysterious boys walking with their new schedule at their lockers. I couldn't see clearly their faces but, nevermind.

"Aud, let's look if we have same classes!" We looked at our both schedule and we have english, music and history together!

"Hell yeahhh and we begin in Music! Can't be better haha!" I exclaimed

"Yeah!" We gave eachother a hug then suddendly, Michael went by us:


"GIRLS! did you see the new boys? THEIR LOOKS OH GOSHH!" 

If you want a closer look of my friends:

Audrey is alike Taylor Swift & Michael of Luke Hemmings... Even though he's gay, I cannot hide that he's strongly gorgeous hihii Well...


"See y'a Mick!" We went for Music class and...


I knew at this moment my life will change forever. 


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