The Armor and the Flame

The conscious of a boy during the apocalypse


7. Chapter 7

Overhead the sun touched the horizon
The orange fire of the heavens
only reminded me of the illusion I'd just broken free of
Hours had passed
but it felt like only seconds ago
when death gripped its scythe above me

She rested her head on my shoulder
And held my neck
as she let the fatigue take her
The Smart Ones followed me now
Not a hint of doubt in their minds
that I would protect them

The pain furiously attempted
to push wave after wave
back into my systems
But the pressure in my hands had already filled itself
in every inch of my body

The fragile lives of The Priveleged
sat in the palm of the east
The fragile life of Her in the palm of the west

And when all option were exhausted
I'd punch with my right hand clenched

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