The Armor and the Flame

The conscious of a boy during the apocalypse


6. Chapter 6

The smell of the burning dead reached even the tunnels
The mossy walls and murky water
held all the scents from the surface as we trecked along our path
I continued my weary walk
Focusing only on the light at the end
That was where We would go

Silence choked the life of our breath
and after a milennia of internal warfare
I'd made it out of the Illusion
and back into reality

The screams continued
But no one with any sanity would have thought twice to save them
Nobility and Heroism were mythological concepts
In a time where Possibility reigned
under the leadership of Life
Before the creation of The Flame

Life had succumbed to its suicidal ideation
Survival would show us the conscious of a killer

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