The Armor and the Flame

The conscious of a boy during the apocalypse


5. Chapter 5

My steps echoed as if they weren't my own
The cold wind sent burns down my chest
Sound was a ghost
The only reality I had
was the horrifying huffing of the figures behind me

Her nails dug into my shoulders
I felt the blood rising
as the skin surrendered to the pressure
Her face showed pain
And her breath hinted that she was at her end
But she still had my end left

In a single motion
her body was on mine
The pain rushed out of my legs
as instinct took over

The Others were behind me
The Smart Ones anyway
My adrenaline fueled me beyond
Suddenly what was muted
came back focused

I heard the bullets ripping the flesh of The Lost Ones
The Others who were on the other side
sent bullets that swooped past our heads by inches
We kept low
and we kept moving
through The Flame
as it engulfed the remains of Life

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