The Armor and the Flame

The conscious of a boy during the apocalypse


1. Chapter 1

They thought they were safe behind their barricades.
Untouchable to the troubles of the world outside
As if they were in their own dimension
But the image of the thick gates was nothing more than illusion
The Flame found its way onto the streets
Just as it had the rest of the world
Consuming everything in its wake

The gunfire killed thousands
And thousands more rose to take place
Letting out their horrendous screeches
They leapt and crawled everywhere
Leaving a trail of blood as their symbols
The streets
The houses
The schools
And the bodies of those who once inhabitated them
All marked

Muffled crashes came sudden
The alarms blared throughout the city
Men and women bawled
The children awed
Light at heart as a fantasy became a reality
Until they'd lost everything
And were suffocating under the black sky

The ceiling came crashing
as we stood near the seal of a window
Our faces smushed together
As our eyes told us what our hearts could not

The Lost Ones were swarming

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