Forever? Forever.

It is a smut so yeah
What happens when the girl of Luke's dream and his girlfriend is four months pregnant with his best friend


10. chapter 8

Y/n pov

"So y/n do you well um"luke starts

"Want to Go on tour with us"cal finishes

"Urm ash can i pleaseeee"i ask

"If you want but one thing"ash says

"Whats that"mikey says

I look at him

"No sex"ash says

I blush

Luke goes over to me

"You know we can't promise anything"luke says

I just chuckle

"I have to go"mikey says

*later on in the day*

"Can miss irwin go to room a/r/r"the doctor says

Me and luke walk in the room

"Well hello y/n i didn't know it was you"she says oh grate its mikeys mum

"Mikey really misses you"she says

I just stare at the floor

"Anyway please lay on this chair"she says

She does some test and finally says

"Do you want a baby"

"Erm well yes just not right now"i say

"Why"luke ask

"Because ..."she says

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